About Us

Original Sources. Original News.

The Daily Fodder is a media company focused on original, verifiable, and therefore credible news. We write about the news. We write what needs to be known, and we go to the SOURCE, because nobody else is doing it. 

What Do We Do?

The Daily Fodder was founded to provide original, verifiable, and credible news. Instead of trying to sell you on how “honest” or “truthful” we are by saying a bunch of words like “unbiased” or “nonpartisan” or “journalistic integrity,” which every media outlet from CNN to Fox News does on a regular basis, we’re just going to tell you how we do things.

Like every news site, we post news articles and fact-checked opinion pieces. Our pieces come from various outlets such as The Center Square, Foundation for Economic Education, and Citizen Truth. But we also have our own in-house writers who contribute opinion and hard news articles. Every commentary article our in-house writers write is fact-checked to ensure veracity of the facts, because there is no sense in lying to anyone.

Ideologically we are anti-tyranny, anti-terrorism, pro-human-rights, and pro-justice. That is all. If you love tyranny, hate human rights, and don’t like justice, then we humbly direct you in the direction of KCNA, North Korea’s flagship news service.

We believe people fundamentally have a right to life, their own body, their own choices, and their own beliefs and belongings. And we believe nobody has the right to deprive others of these rights.

We want to thank you for reading us. Your time is valuable and we respect that you have chosen to spend some of it reading our publication.

What Is Our Mission?

Original Sources. Original News.