By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Remember when Dr. Fauci said masks are basically like little sanitation rags and they completely quash the virus (/s)? Well this flies in the face of WELL KNOWN data showing masks only work for 20 minutes before they are completely useless.

In fact, in Australia, companies were THREATENED WITH GOVERNMENT SUITS if they advertised their surgical masks were effective for longer than 20 minutes.

Don't believe me? Here's the original article from 2003:

"There appears to be some debate about whether surgical masks are able to minimise the effects of SARS."

Ms Meagher said her department would investigate any complaints about false mask claims which concerned the public.

"Penalties can range from fines of up to $22,000 for an individual or $110,000 for a corporation," she said.

Health authorities have warned that surgical masks may not be an effective protection against the virus.

"Those masks are only effective so long as they are dry," said Professor Yvonne Cossart of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Sydney.

Of course, this is not new information to anyone who actually studied PPE. There's a reason surgical masks are regularly changed out during surgery (yeah. Dr. Fauci and the CDC never told you that one) because they stop being effective.

However, another vital piece of information you were never told is your masks are BREEDING PLACES FOR BACTERIA after as little as 2 HOURS OF USAGE. A 2018 study found this to be true. The purpose of the study? To help protect patients from getting bacterial infections. Yeah. You read that right. Your mask can GIVE OTHER PEOPLE BACTERIAL ILLNESSES.

According to the study:

The bacterial count on the surface of SMs increased with extended operating times; significant difference was found between the 4- to 6-hour and 0-hour groups (p < 0.05). When we analysed the bacterial counts from the same surgeon, a significant increase was noted in the 2-hours group. Moreover, the bacterial counts were significantly higher among the surgeons than the OR. Additionally, the bacterial count of the external surface of the second mask was significantly higher than that of the first one.

Yeah. You read that right. The study found THE SECOND MASK WAS MORE BACTERIA INFESTED THAN THE FIRST ONE in the same time period. So even changing masks puts you AND OTHERS AROUND YOU at risk of getting a bacterial infection.

So, how come things suddenly changed in 3/2020? Because of control. The purpose of the CDC is DISEASE CONTROL. They want to CONTROL YOU. The purpose of lockdowns is to CONTROL. They say it's to keep you safe, but their purpose is to CONTROL. It's in the name. Their policy isn't freedom or safety. Their policy is CONTROL. 

Go outside at your own risk. If you have pre-existing conditions then it might be best to stay inside. But realize your mask is doing very little after 20 minutes due to water vapor coming from your mouth. If you are concerned about being a super spreader then don't go out for longer than 20 minutes.

But if you're healthy, remember that 99%+ SURVIVE THE VIRUS. You should be able to do whatever the hell you want with your body if you don't have Coronavirus. People who are asymptomatic don't necessarily spread the virus all that much. Unlike what Dr. Fauci says, WE HAVE NO EFFIN CLUE ABOUT ASYMPTOMATIC CASES. And even so MOST STUDIES SHOW ASYMPTOMATIC PEOPLE DO NOT SPREAD CORONAVIRUS NEARLY AS MUCH AS PEOPLE WHO ARE PRESYMPTOMATIC AND SYMPTOMATIC.

These are just facts. My point? It's YOUR LIFE. If you want to go out and risk your life, then that's your decision. If you think you have the virus, then stay home. It's that simple. No need for lockdowns. No need for crowd control. No need for forcing people out of work. It's just a virus. It's not a nuclear bomb. People are smart enough to make their own decisions without being lied to "for their own benefit" or whatever other horse manure the CDC deems is reasonable next.


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