By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Congress just colluded with President Biden to change the law so a Deep State Military General who worked in the Pentagon for years could become a cabinet official in the TOP POST FOR A CIVILIAN IN THE COUNTRY.

The Deep State has its claws in the Cabinet now. Unlike under President Trump when they were fired for trying to skirt the Rule of Law, the Rule of Law is being ignored and Congress is merely changing the law to suit the Deep State's needs as opposed to standing up to government overreach.

The bill in question was HR 335, which was INTRODUCED JUST DAYS AGO on January 15, 2020. Likely because of whom Biden decided would be Secretary of Defense. They changed the law from 7 years of retirement to just 4 so that Biden's pick wouldn't make any waves.

This is perhaps one of the fastest bills passed in our nation's history. It went from introduction to being signed by the President in a mere 7 DAYS. That's it. 7 DAYS was all it took it to be signed into law.

And Biden's pick, Retired Gen. Lloyd Austin III, is a long-time military guy who WORKED IN THE PENTAGON FOR YEARS. Defense News writes he also worked as the Vice Chief of Staff for the Army and also headed the U.S. Central Command. He currently works in the Military Industrial Complex as the HEAD OF ONE OF THE LARGEST DEFENSE FIRMS IN THE U.S.

According to Defense News:

His career culminated as the head of U.S. Central Command, which he led from 2013-2016. His time at CENTCOM coincided with the rise of the Islamic State group, better known as ISIS, as well as the effort to grow an anti-ISIS military force in Syria. That train-and-equip mission led to an explosive congressional hearing, where Austin was ripped by members of Congress after he admitted the effort, underway for five months, had produced only “four or five” fighters.

Since leaving the Pentagon, Austin has joined the corporate boards of Raytheon Technologies, one of the largest defense firms in the world, as well as steel company Nucor, and Tenet Healthcare.

In just 3 days the entire fabric of this country was ripped apart. The Constitution was shredded by a series of unconstitutional Executive Orders that went completely unchallenged where Biden took over the economy, the medical supply chain, and removed safeguards that enforced the Rule of Law and preventing the government from reaching every aspect of the country. This culminated in FORCED ISOLATION AND MASK MANDATES IN ADDITION TO QUARANTINES WITH NO SAFEGUARDS PUT IN PLACE TO STOP THEM FROM HARMING HEALTHY PEOPLE.

Now we have the nation's top civilian post run by a former Pentagon official who was one of the top brass in the Army before retiring just 4 years ago before President Trump took office.


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  1. Biden is a puppet, if you voted for this puppet then someones hand is up your ass to.