By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Are we living in the United States or China? Biden's latest executive order for "testing, just slipped in a provision that allows states to expand isolation and quarantines without any safeguards put in place to limit them. Additionally, they plan on spying on the whole country through use of contact tracing, which is a way of alerting people and the government where you've been and whom you've contacted. 

The Executive Order states:

(iv)   identify methods to expand State, local, Tribal, and territorial capacity to conduct testing, contact tracing, and isolation and quarantine, in order for schools, businesses, and travel to be conducted safely; 

If you thought the recent lockdowns were bad, just wait until this gets implemented. Everyone was quarantined together for "safety" and whatnot, but multiple studies have shown lockdowns just don't work. So now the strategy is to expand these ideas and track everyone's whereabouts 24/7 to make sure they can immediately be quarantined the moment they contact someone with Coronavirus, regardless of whether they are a risk or not? Biden doesn't explain, but this idea is common in places like China and South Korea. It also has NO EVIDENCE OF HELPING STOP THE SPREAD OF CORONAVIRUS.

The state has, in 3 days, taken much more power than it had in all of the history of the United States. Unwarranted and limitless spying, the right to quarantine and isolate anyone it wishes without providing rules and guidelines on when this is wrong, when will it stop? Why does the government need to know if I went to the store today? Why do I need to check in with the government when I leave my house? Why do they get to tell me where I can and can't go? 

No virus is this deadly. Coronavirus has a 99% survival rate. People under 50 have a 99.9% chance of survival. 75% of the country is not in the danger demographic. Why do we have to have our lives completely ruined and our jobs taken and our privileges revoked? Isn't it our choice if we want to expose ourselves or not? Nothing is stopping people from staying in their homes voluntarily. Nothing is stopping people from getting their groceries delivered. Nothing is stopping people from buying gas masks and hazmat suits if they are so scared of the virus. HEALTHY PEOPLE DON'T NEED TO BE KEPT IN THEIR HOMES AGAINST THEIR WILL. IT MAKES NO LOGICAL SENSE.

But even so, herd immunity is still the greatest immunological concept ever theorized. It's the very reason for vaccines in the first place. Vaccines, it is argued, immunize enough of the population (herd immunity) so the vulnerable can go out without fear of death. If we had just let people catch this virus to begin with, we'd be at 90% herd immunity by now. But we prolonged this by keeping people in their homes and not caching the virus and surviving. If you're not immunocompromised of 50+ years old, you wouldn't die of Coronavirus. And even if you're older than 50, you don't have a high risk of dying until you're 65 and older. 50-year-olds still have a 99% chance of survival.

All this bill does is give the government limitless power over where you can go, whether you can go there, and what you can and do once you're there. Coupled with Biden's takeover of the U.S, economy and his repeal of Executive Orders that preserved the Rule Of Law, this country has officially become socialist.


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