BREAKING: BIDEN REVOKES RULE OF LAW Enforcements In New Executive Order

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

In a new move, President Biden has revoked Executive Orders passed by former president Trump that strengthened the Rule Of Law and held Executive Branch agencies accountable for their creation of new rules that violate the Constitution and the U.S. Code. This sweeping revocation of protections from tyranny by former president Trump was accomplished in an Executive Order that repealed the deregulation by the Trump Administration that spurred one of the biggest and fairest economies in U.S. History.

The Executive Orders that were revoked included Executive Order 13891 of October 9, 2019, titled "Promoting the Rule of Law Through Improved Agency Guidance Documents," Executive Order 13892, titled "Promoting the Rule of Law Through Transparency and Fairness in Civil Administrative Enforcement and Adjudication," and Executive Order 13893, titled "Increasing Government Accountability for Administrative Actions by Reinvigorating Administrative PAYGO."

These Executive Orders were instrumental in deregulating the economy and also strengthened the Rule Of Law and put in place more safeguards against tyranny by further cementing the Constitution's Supremacy Clause, found in Article VI.

His rationale behind repealing safeguards to the Rule Of Law in the Executive Branch is to give federal agencies:

the flexibility to use robust regulatory action to address national priorities.  This order revokes harmful policies and directives that threaten to frustrate the Federal Government’s ability to confront these problems, and empowers agencies to use appropriate regulatory tools to achieve these goals.

In other words, the Executive Order lets the Federal government do whatever it sees fit without any checks or questioning on its decisions, including the Rule Of Law.


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