By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

In Alaska, the election servers were compromised and more than 100,000 voters' records were taken, including social security numbers and dates of birth. The hackers exposed a flaw in the security system in October and used it to steal 113,000 voter records.

The organization that was hacked calls itself a "leading provider of software to the state and local government market, and the premier provider of solutions for Secretaries of State across the country," meaning if this flaw was discovered in Alaska, it could have ben used elsewhere across the country.

Government officials in Alaska claim the voting information is not tied in any way to the voter information servers, but this claim was not substantiated by any hard evidence.

The information stolen was "the names, dates of birth, last four digits of Social Security Numbers, driver’s license and state issued identification numbers, residence and mailing addresses, registered political affiliations and email addresses."

It is UNKNOWN if the flaw has been fixed. All that is known is that 5 weeks later the announcement was made publicly by the Alaska Lt. gov. Kevin Meyer. 

The government officials claim the data was not used to hack the elections. But we have recently reported on how a scammer used others' information to register for unemployment with states by simply having a date of birth and social security number, which is much less than the information provided in the hack.

Now with 113,000 fresh batches of data that the hackers received, it is more than possible fake voters were registered across the country using the information provided. For instance, to obtain an ID card in Michigan, all one needs is a social security number, Michigan address, and a Michigan Driver Education Certificate, and you now live in two states with this stolen information.

So, to become a voting citizen of Michigan, all one would have to do is simply live there and present the other person's information and get a Michigan driver education certificate, which does NOT require you to have a Michigan driver's license or any ties to Michigan whatsoever.

And this is only in states that require identification. In states like Pennsylvania, WHICH DOES NOT REQUIRE STATE ID, all you need is a Social Security Number and a Pennsylvania address. This means 113,000 new fake voters could have registered in Pennsylvania depending on when the hack took place in October. In Pennsylvania you need to register 30 days before the election or primary you wish to vote in.

So, even assuming the Alaskan government report at face value, there are potentially 113,000 new fake voters in multiple states like Pennsylvania or Michigan who could have shifted the election.


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