By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

I have to even correct my own news agency on this one as more information unfolds. Unlike what the press (and ourselves) reported, the rioters who broke into the Capitol Building were AGENTS OF CHAOS.

How do I know?

Well, to begin, does it strike anyone else as odd that there was fresh, IDENTICAL legislation, FROM THE HOUSE AND SENATE, that is 60 pages long, that showed up literally RIGHT AFTER THE PROTESTS to "crack down" on protesting THAT WERE RELEASED AT THE SAME TIME?

Don't believe me? Here's Politico blatantly stating it:

DESANTIS' PROTEST PRIORITIES — Amid the turmoil and unrest in Washington, D.C., caused by supporters of President Donald Trump, one of the president’s biggest allies — Gov. Ron DeSantis — rolled out on his top 2021 session priorities late Wednesday evening. House and Senate Republicans released identical bills that propose a crackdown on “violent agitators.” The legislation would increase penalties against those involved in looting and violence. "In light of today’s events at our United States Capitol, we have no time to waste to uphold public safety,” DeSantis said in a statement about the bill.

So, the people come in, and, SUDDENLY, there's identical legislation that both Chambers of Congress release to "crack down" on violence at protests. hmm. . .

But that isn't all. If you look at the footage of the early protests, those people breaking in AREN'T TRUMP SUPPORTERS. They're people in ski masks making a parade. Just start watching from 1:15:00 and following. It's only the people dressed like clowns or like terrorists who actually break in at first. They're wearing all black and ski masks. They run in like madmen. They make a scene. They don't look like typical protesters. Because THEY AREN'T:

Agents of chaos commonly dress in ski masks and incite violence. It was common in the Antifa and BLM protests. They show up and start shouting insurrectionary stuff and then make a violent scene. We and the DOJ actually wrote on this extensively during the original Black Lives Matter protests. The protesters WERE largely nonviolent, but the agents of chaos and provacateurs were not. They incited violence and caused massive scenes. Then they were bailed out by George Soros and other celebrities.

Notice how the police just let them in, then when two guys jump the line and try to walk in, the police officers tell them not to enter, and they stop and walk away? Why them? Why were the people dressed in all black and ski masks with backpacks allowed but not the two average joes? Because it is A PSY-OP. 

The real trump supporters walked in afterward, when the agents of chaos walked in about a minute ahead of the scores of Trump supporters in A SEPARATE GROUP. They incited this, they piled them in. They did all the violence.

The police also opened the gate for people to pile in. Why on earth would you do that if these people are calling for violence? Because IT'S AN OPERATION:

If you think about it, it also struck me as odd that Capitol Hill police were so weak toward the 50 or so people who walked in. They did almost nothing while these people put on their show. These are the people who quelled multiple insurrections in hours in the past. In 1998, a man opened fire in capitol hill and was "killed instantly." Then in 2020 a man with a machete was instantly shut down and arrested with minimal casualties. 

Further still, in 1968 some rioters decided to descend onto Washington D.C. What happened? The military showed up with machine guns within hours:

On Friday, April 5, President Johnson dispatched 11,850 federal troops and 1,750 D.C. Army National Guardsmen to assist the overwhelmed D.C. police force.[15] Marines mounted machine guns on the steps of the Capitol and Army soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Regiment guarded the White House. The 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg, North Carolina and 6th Cavalry Regiment from Fort Meade, Maryland were among the principal federal forces sent to the city. At one point, on April 5, rioting reached within two blocks of the White House before rioters retreated. The occupation of Washington was the largest of any American city since the Civil War.

Then in 2019 the Capitol Building and White House were placed into lockdown. Instantaneously, the Secret Service descended and began crowd control, as The Independent reported:

Capitol Hill was evacuated and the White House placed on lockdown amid reports of an unresponsive aircraft flying over the DC area that was failing to communicate with federal air traffic controllers.

A correspondent for The Independent was among those reporters at the White House as teams of reporters were taken inside by the US Secret Service and told it was a shelter-in-place scenario. The correspondent reported seeing movement in what appeared to be a missile launch site. Fighter jets were also scrambled to the scene, as US Northern Command said it had tasked aircraft responding to the emergency alert.

The evacuation orders for Capitol Hill were sent out at approximately 8:30 am and the White House lockdown began nearly 15 minutes later. The orders were lifted following nearly thirty minutes of organised panic, in which federal officials appeared to be readying a response for a potentially disastrous situation.

Multiple people in the area reported seeing an evacuation helicopter hovering over Capitol Hill. The plane in question was reportedly a small aircraft found not to be hostile, though additional details were not immediately clear.


The agents of chaos were in Capitol Hill for hours. There was no military intervention. No crowd control. No lockdown (just a curfew). This is VERY ODD.

This is what REALLY HAPPENED. Peaceful protesters showed up and stood at the steps of Capitol Hill to protest. Then agents of chaos were there and broke into Capitol Hill to incite chaos and violence. Now, 4 people were killed.

These people in ski masks assailing the Capitol building weren't Trump supporters. This was PLANNED AND COORDINATED. The entire city would have been under lockdown by now if this was a real attack. They did nothing. They stood by and watched. IT WAS PLANNED.

Now they are taking advantage of it to push through more violence on protesters by using this same home-grown agents of chaos model to legalize more violent responses by police and eventually usher in a total police state.


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