The Late Great Walter Williams

As most everyone in the libertarian movement knows by now, the great libertarian economist Walter Williams passed away a couple of days ago. HIs passing came as a big shock to me and, I suspect, to most other libertarians. Walter has been a giant, larger-than-life figure in the libertarian movement. I never thought about the possibility of his passing, even though he was 84.

For those of you who are not familiar with Walter, we are linking to several articles in today’s FFF Daily and on our website that give his background and achievements and that pay high tribute to him. Then, this Saturday we will be linking to several more tributes published by various libertarian organizations.

Soon after FFF was founded in 1990 in Denver, Walter agreed to be a featured speaker at our inaugural dinner. Since we were just getting started, it was a tremendous honor for us, and it helped a lot in getting FFF kick-started. Ever since then, Walter remained a great friend of mine and a great friend of FFF.

In this week’s Libertarian Angle, Richard Ebeling, who was also a good personal friend of Walter’s, and I pay homage to the late great Walter Williams.

Rest in peace, Walter. You ran the good race, my friend, and inspired so many of us in the process!

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