HORRIFYING: "GET ON THE F**KING GROUND!" Cops BEAT, TAZE MAN For Playing Ice Hockey Instead Of Following Stay-At-Home Orders

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

In Canada, a man who was playing ice hockey was brutally assaulted and tazed by officers when he refused to comply with their stay-at-home enforcement.

The video, which was published to Twitter by AlbertaPlumber, chronicles the horrifying incident. One of the officers kneed the man and grabbed his neck to throw him to the ground:

The female officer shouted "GET ON THE F**KING GROUND RIGHT NOW!" as another officer pointed a taser at the man. The third officer at the scene was preparing to brawl with the other ice hockey player if he decided to intervene.

The entire time, the man is completely confused as to why the police were to hostile to him. He did not lunge at or attack officers and they never said what he did wrong.

Finally, one of the officers got behind him and put him in a choke hold. She also kneed him in the groin multiple times as the other officer grabbed his hands. 

"Why are you guys doing this? I've done nothing wrong" he asked the officers. "You're not leaving!" They responded.

If you think this is just in Canada, then you're wrong. It's happened in Ohio, in San Diego, California, in In Pennsylvania for a woman who was "just going for a drive," and in Baltimore. This display shows what happens when we do not demand accountability from our public officials when they act up. This land is governed by laws, not governors. Nobody has the right to arbitrarily decide what is and is not a crime based on executive orders and regulations.

Peacefully and nonviolently call your Congressmen and state and local officials and demand they begin obeying the rule of law and not make up the law. Do your part to demand accountability peacefully and nonviolently for rogue officials violating the law.


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