By John paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Official White House staffer Peter Navarro concluded an investigation into voter fraud that found more than 224,000 ballots were cast illegally, including over 130,000 of fake ballots, which is enough to swing the election in several key swing states that switched from Trump winning by heavy margins on election night to Biden barely winning the states.

Additionally, Navarro found widespread bribery in Nevada and 8 other states, where Native Americans were paid to vote for Biden in the election. 

He writes in his report at the bottom of page 8:

What is so stunning about the Nevada case is the brazen disregard for our federal bribery laws. In the Silver State, in an effort orchestrated by the Biden campaign, Native Americans appear to have traded their votes not for pieces of silver but rather for Visa gift cards, jewelry, and other “swag.” 13 According to the Epoch Times, such vote buying schemes also may have occurred in eight other states, including Arizona and Wisconsin.

In addition to this blatant bribery that has been completely ignored by the Nevada government even though there are reports of it, Navarro also found at least 224,000 ballots were illegal, including 130,000 fake ballots cast in multiple states:

Fake ballot manufacturing involves the fraudulent production of ballots on behalf of a candidate; and one of the most disturbing examples of possible fake ballot manufacturing involves a truckdriver who has alleged in a sworn affidavit that he picked up large crates of ballots in New York and delivered them to a polling location in Pennsylvania. 15 There may be well over 100,000 ballots involved, enough fake ballots alone to have swung the election to Biden in the Keystone State.

. . .

Finally, as an example of the possible destruction of legally cast real ballots there is this allegation from a court case filed in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona: Plaintiffs claim that over 75,000 absentee ballots were reported as unreturned when they were actually returned. These absentee ballots were then either lost or destroyed (consistent with allegations of Trump ballot destruction) and/or were replaced with blank ballots filled out by election workers or other third parties. 20

. . .

In a court filing by the Trump campaign legal team, lead counsel Ray Smith provided a list of more than 70,000 allegedly ineligible voters casting ballots in Georgia in the 2020 election. 28 Also in Georgia, over 20,000 people appear to have filed a Notice of Changed Address form to the Georgia state government or had other indications of moving out of state. Yet, these clearly ineligible out-of-state voters appeared to have remained on the voter rolls and voted in the 2020 election. 29

Additionally, the investigation found that at least 8,000 dead people voted in Georgia and at least 31,000 people voted twice in Illinois. Further, at least 20,000 voters cast their vote for Biden after moving out of state in Georgia.

Further, affidavit statements in the investigation uncovered groups of people voting twice in Pennsylvania. Plus, there was also testimony and a picture of a USB drive that a poll worker used to dump "an unusually large cache of votes onto vote tabulation machines," according to page 9, paragraph 2 of Navarro's investigation.

Moreover, Navarro cites a case where poll workers were caught manufacturing ballots on security footage in Georgia. 

This investigation is the most substantive documentation of voter fraud yet to come, and as the Kraken hits the Supreme Court, this is just the type of investigation needed to provide enough material support for a forensic audit of the election.


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