BREAKING: Republican Legislators Push For MANDATORY VOTER ID LAWS, Stricter Guidelines For Absentee Ballots, MORE POLL-WATCHERS

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

To combat election fraud and ensure the integrity of future elections, State GOP legislators nationwide are crafting tougher election laws.

In Georgia, the Republican-led legislature is working on a mandatory Voter ID law that will make it impossible to vote without showing identification. 

Additionally, in Pennsylvania, the Republican legislators there are crafting laws that will "tighten up" mail-in voting security to add an extra safeguard to prevent fraud.

Further, in Ohio, the Secretary of State claimed more rigorous oversight at poll vendors are on his agenda, making it more difficult to get away with committing voter fraud.

WSOCTV reports:

Nevertheless, Republicans in Georgia have proposed adding a photo ID requirement when voting absentee, a ban on drop boxes and possibly a return to requiring an excuse for mail voting, such as illness or traveling for work on Election Day.

Early supporters of the ID requirement include Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Republicans who were criticized relentlessly by Trump for failing to back his fraud claims after losing in Georgia. A top deputy for Raffensperger has said the ID requirement would boost public confidence and refute any future claims of fraud.

. . .

In Pennsylvania, Republican lawmakers have been writing legislation to address what they claim are problems with the 2020 election and mail voting in particular, even though courts and elections officials have found no evidence of widespread problems.

“We’d like to tighten it up as soon as we can,” said Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward.

. . .

In Ohio, Secretary of State Frank LaRose said his legislative priorities are to expand early voting locations, increase oversight of election vendors, add an online option for requesting absentee ballots and address confusion over drop boxes.

This comes at a time when states relaxed numerous voter ID laws, including mandatory voter ID laws and other absentee ballot safeguards in key states like Georgia, and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Currently, the Kraken, a landmark case over nationwide voter fraud in key swing states, is still on the Supreme Court docket and the Supreme Court has also agreed to look into President Trump's voter fraud lawsuit with a possible hearing if they accept it.


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