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A new lawsuit that was filed in Michigan shows proof of Dominion Voting Systems' tabulators having major errors which gave Biden and other Democrat candidates massive vote boosts from "phantom votes" and took thousands of votes away from President Trump.

On pages 3 and 4-5 of the lawsuit, it asserts:

18. At 9:30 am on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, unofficial results posted by the Antrim County clerk showed 16,047 voters had cast a ballot in the presidential election. Presidential Candidate Joe Biden received 7,769 votes and President Donald Trump received 4,509 [Exhibit 3]

. . .

 23. On November 21, 2020, Defendant County Clerk Sheryl Guy released second amended results which now show 16,044 residents had cast a ballot in the election [Exhibit 5]. Of those, Presidential Candidate Joe Biden received 5.960 votes in the county and President Donald Trump received 9,748; resulting in President Donald Trump receiving 60.75%; which was more in line and consistent with 2016.

. . .

28. It is an obvious fact that Presidential Candidate Joe Biden received more votes than actually cast for him, including an extra 2,015 "phantom votes." But for Plaintiff contacting Jim Gurr, who contacted Defendant County Clerk Sheryl Guy's office, this mistake would not have been corrected.

The exhibits are included in the lawsuit's PDF and appear on pages 22 (Exhibit 3) and 53 (Exhibit 5), which are exact representations of the official voter results and the original unofficial ones that would have been declared official if nobody had contacted the office.

As is clearly seen, the original tabulation by Dominion Voting Systems clearly gave Biden thousands of votes and also REMOVED 5,239 VOTES FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP. The documents from Antrim County's own elections office proves this was the case.

Additionally, the lawsuit notes more news reports proving this Dominion Voting System tabulation error that gave Biden thousands of "phantom votes" also occurred in other counties for other candidates. The lawsuit shows Wayne County and Oakland County were susceptible to glitches in the voting software that helped Democrats win elections.

The lawsuit cites a Detroit Free Press article which states:

In Oakland County, Democrat Melanie Hartman was wrongly declared the winner of the commissioner's race by a 104-vote margin. A computer issue at the Rochester Hills clerk’s office caused them to double-count some votes. After elections officials caught the error, Republican Adam Kochenderfer was declared the winner with 1,127 more votes than Hartman.

In another article not cited in the lawsuit but linked to in the Detroit Free Press article:

That stunned the incumbent, Adam Kochenderfer, giving him a sure sense that he’d lost in a district long deemed a Republican stronghold.

“I thought that was that,” Kochenderfer said. “Those were the results, and I said I would not seek a recount.”

But what a difference a day makes — in weather, love, and the 15th District election for Oakland County commissioner. On Thursday, Kochenderfer was stunned again, this time by a call from Oakland County’s director of elections, flipping the outcome to him.

. . .

That clerk [who found the error] is Tina Barton, a Republican who lost in her race for Oakland County clerk while handling the local election in Rochester Hills. Barton could not be reached for comment Thursday night. But Oakland County Director of Elections Joe Rozell said the error stemmed from a computer issue at the Rochester Hills city clerk’s office.

“A computer issue in Rochester Hills caused them to send us results for seven precincts as both precinct votes and absentee votes. They should only have been sent to us as absentee votes,” Rozell said in a text message.  

Had it not been for a lone clerk thinking something fishy was going on, this computer error would not have been found. The incumbent literally lost 1,127 votes due to a glitch. And, much like in the case of Antrim County, nobody would have known had it not been for a single person with a hunch.

The lawsuit further cements this sentiment, stating on page 6:

33. What Secretary Benson fails to address is what would have happened if no one had "discover[ed] the error." Indeed, when Sheryl Guy testified before Michigan's Joint Oversight Committee on November 19, 2020, she failed to and was unable to answer this question.

So, in other words, there is no actual fail-safe mechanism to detect if fraudulent votes are cast or system errors ensure removal of thousands of votes from one candidate while adding thousands to another. These "phantom votes" would likely have gone undetected by election officials because there's no mechanism to detect them.

This is proof from official election reporting sites, by the election governors of these counties, that put blatant voter fraud on display. Rather than these claims being "baseless" they come from the most official channels possible and prove voter fraud actually occurred on a large scale in the 2020 election.


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