ALARMING: CORONAVIRUS STUDY: Lockdowns CAUSED 34,000 People To DIE OF CANCER, 65,000 TO DIE From Not Getting Emergency Care

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

There were 299,028 excess deaths during the Coronavirus pandemic, of that, at least 65,787 deaths came directly from mitigation measures, according to a study published in Jama. The study found that 22% of all excess deaths were attributed to causes other than Coronavirus.

However, the CDC is much more generous in their estimate, stating a whopping 100,947 excess deaths were not caused by Coronavirus. But this number does not take into account people tested after death. When that extra check is factored in, the number drops to 22%, as the study found.

How do we know these 65,787 deaths were not due to any other causes? Because they are EXCESS deaths, meaning they are what remains AFTER the historical averages are taken into account. It is highly unusual for excess deaths to be off by such a large amount, therefore, roughly 65,000 people died due to mitigation measures.

These mitigation measures include fear mongering from the press telling people to socially distance. According to Heart.Org, many people who were having strokes and heart attacks chose not to call the hospital because they were scared of getting Coronavirus:

"One factor that could be contributing to the increase is that people are afraid to come in for care," said Dr. Steven Woolf, professor of family medicine and population health at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. "We need to assure them that the danger of not getting care is greater than the danger of getting exposed to the virus."

But that isn't the only explanation. For instance, Dr. Fauci stated that 10,000 of these excess deaths come from decreased cancer screenings due in part to lockdowns on "nonessential care" in addition to media fears of Coronavirus.

As Bloomberg reports:

According to Anthony Fauci, the nation’s most prominent immunologist, the lockdown orders, by keeping patients away from routine medical screenings, will likely result in some 10,000 excess cancer deaths over the next five years. This is a classic trade-off: allowing some people to die in order to protect others. But somehow, we never frame it that way. We deliberate poorly in times of emergency; as a result, we make bad decisions.

But that number is more of a lowball estimate. A preliminary study reported on by Medical Xpress found at least 34,000 people will die of cancer due to both lockdowns preventing screenings and people being fear mongered due to media reports telling people to stay home at all costs.

Imagine that. Not going for a cancer screening because you're scared of a virus that at least 99% of people survive. Or imagine trying to get a cancer screening only to find out they're closed down because of "saving your life." How do lockdowns save your life in you have cancer and couldn't get tested? Every minute counts with cancer. Just mere days can mean the difference between surviving or dying. 

But that doesn't matter. The state has determined lockdowns will save your life, regardless of the "nonessential" care that is needed to actually SAVE LIVES. We don't need that! We need to stop your vital cancer screening to fight a virus that you'll likely survive. Lunacy.

However, cancer deaths, as scary as they are, don't even make up the half of it. There was a 398% jump in heart disease deaths (imagine 3 more people suddenly dropping dead than before from heart disease), and a 356% jump in diabetes deaths (imagine being so scared of catching a virus that you die in a sugar crash or from a blood clot in your leg rather than go to the hospital). Imagine wanting to receive care for your diabetes only to find out your hospital cannot accept you because Coronavirus patients were prioritized

And this doesn't even take into account the crippling mental health and skyrocketing obesity rates coming from lack of exercise and complete isolation. Suicides have been through the roof, obesity has hit new records, and people are so depressed from being lonely that they are getting drunk much more often.

Plus, domestic abuse has skyrocketed as well.

But, don't worry, Lockdowns save lives. Riiight...


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