It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins

Flip a coin to decide whether to vote for Trump or Biden. It doesn’t make any difference which one of them wins. America will continue to find herself in the throes of tyranny, oppression, crisis, and chaos.

There are two simple reasons for this phenomenon, ones that both Republicans nor Democrats, along with their mainstream media acolytes, are loathe to confront.

One reason is that there is no difference philosophically between Trump and Biden or, for that matter, Republicans and Democrats. They are all adherents to America’s welfare-warfare state way of life.

Examples: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, public schooling, drug laws, immigration controls, trade restrictions, gun control, economic regulations, governmental management of the economy, governmental management of healthcare, governmental management of the Covid-19 crisis, foreign war and interventionism, the Pentagon, the military-industrial complex, the CIA, the NSA, indefinite detention, Gitmo, torture, denial of due process, denial of trial by jury, assassination, mass secret surveillance, no-knock raids, state secrets doctrine, and on and on.

Oh sure, Trump and Biden have been attacking each other viciously but it’s all over who is going manage this entire crooked and corrupt system and how it is going to be managed. Their battle is simply over control over the largess and the power that comes with such a system.

The second reason that it doesn’t make any difference which side wins is that neither Trump nor Biden will be able to do anything about the many crises under which we live. That’s because it is their joint welfare-warfare state system, not who is elected to run it, that is the problem. Their system is defective — inherently defective, which means it cannot be fixed no matter who is elected president.

The result, regardless of who is elected, will be greater tyranny and oppression for the American people. Why? Because whichever one of them is elected will do whatever he can to resolve the crises, which means a continuation of the ever-growing clamps on American liberty and prosperity.

Thus, there is but one solution to America’s woes, and it lies not in electing Biden or Trump. The solution lies in America’s adoption of an entirely new paradigm, one that rejects the welfare-warfare state that both Democrats and Republicans have foisted upon us and that entails the embrace of the libertarian philosophy.

I repeat: That is the only solution to America’s woes. There is no other. Maintaining the welfare-warfare state, with either Trump or Biden as president, will lead to more tyranny and oppression. The embrace of libertarianism, on the other hand, will lead to liberty, peace, prosperity, and harmony.

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