Go Viral And Get Clicks TODAY. How I Get THOUSANDS Of Views On My Articles WITHOUT Paying A Single Cent For Advertising

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Many advertisers tell you they have the "magic bullet" to getting content that gets clicks. They tell you their incredibly complex method will give you the traffic you crave. But, oftentimes, it's just a wild goose chase that still leaves you with the burning question you voraciously read their article to learn the answer to.

And that question is: How do I write content that will actually get clicks?

Well, I am going to drop the big secret professionals have for crafting clickable headlines that has been used for years.

First off, a little about myself.

I am a viral marketer. That means I make things go viral. Now, by viral, I don't necessarily mean 6 billion YouTube views in 24 hours. But what I DO mean is that I will get people to talk about something.

I founded The Daily Fodder out of a desire to inform people. Right now, Russia and China are hacking elections, spreading deceiving information, and burying the proof that leads to them doing it.

But it isn't just Russia and China, it's CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, opportunists who have worked in politics for many years who just want to make money be telling you what you want to hear, etc. So to filter out the noise and get people to view my content, it all relies on the headline.

Now, proof of my work is on Reddit and Facebook.

This article about No-Knock Warrants was upvoted over 30,000 times on Reddit:


And this article on Black Lives Matter rioters got almost 5k views from Facebook in 3 days and over 460 shares. I didn't spend a SINGLE CENT on advertising for it:


How did I do this? I picked up on what content people felt was important, then I wrote quality, informative articles on it.

But that isn't all I did. I purposely wrote the headlines in such a way that they spoke to people's personal appeals.

The first headline was targeted to libertarians and anarcho-socialists. It was also just after the Breonna Taylor shooting, where a no-knock warrant caused her death.

Those two groups HATE no-knock warrants (as do I, it's basically breaking and entering by the U.S. government), so anything that BANS it would be BIG NEWS.

This is step one when writing a headline, determine which audience truly cares about the issue, and then write it in such a way that it will confirm what they want, desire, or think about it.

In the case of the second article. Conservatives believe the BLM rioters are violent attackers and militant (this isn't fake news, they are. The protesters, on the other hand, who are not out there rioting, are peaceful). So, in the article I wrote, I chose to emphasize the violence of the rioters. But I also made it about their personal safety, because almost everyone cares about their personal safety.

Another example of this in action. Suppose you're a liberal who truly cares about transgender rights, and a story broke about a transgender person being beaten up by a group of people. Which headline do you think will perform the best?

A. Transgender Gets Beaten Up By Group Of People

B. Transgender Lynched By Transphobic Gang

C. Transgender Beaten Last Night In (city)

The correct answer is B. This is because it fits right in with the transgender rights liberal's beliefs. They believe there are transphobic gangs out there lynching transgender people. They believe transgender people are unsafe. So the middle headline confirms their beliefs the most.

But there's another aspect to these headlines. They are sensationalized. Whenever you can, use the most triggering words possible. Get to know the vocab of your target group. Pick the words that they use to describe the things that matter most to them. For instance, if your group thinks babies are adorable or breathtaking, then use those words in your headline about cute babies.

Additionally, everything has a boogeyman. ESPECIALLY political groups. This boogeyman is EVIL to these people. They think it's the worst possible thing in existence. You need to find out what that boogeyman is and then blame him for whatever was done (but only if the boogeyman can actually be blamed for it. NEVER LIE TO PEOPLE. It is a horrible thing to do to someone and also DESTROYS brand reputation).

Likewise for the positive aspects (the breathtaking baby photos) be sure to learn the words used to describe the boogeyman as well. If transgender rights activists call transphobic gangs "hateful" or virulent," for instance, then be sure to use those determiners in your headlines.

But there's another method too that many professionals use when writing headlines. It's officially called "forward referencing," but that's the most boring way to describe it. What you're doing is making the audience ask a burning question about something so they need to click on the headline to learn more about it.

I did it for this article. You're still reading it. It works. In the case of this article, I made you ask what this ultra helpful, important headline advice is that will instantly make you a better headline crafter. I made you ask a burning question that the article will answer.

So I took content that was important to you (getting clicks on your articles or campaign) and then I made you ask a burning question that my article will answer.

These secrets are just the tip of the iceberg, though. There's a whole arsenal of tricks and cognitive biases that will make your life much easier and I will expose them to you in future articles.

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