BREAKING: Pennsylvania Congressmen To Conduct Hearing Over Voter Fraud Claims And Voting System Problems In The Sate


By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Pennsylvania Republicans are set to hold a hearing on voter fraud and voting problems at the Gettysburg Hotel, which President Trump has stated he will attend. The hearing comes after President Trump's lawsuit in Pennsylvania was thrown out by a low court and is currently being appealed.

There are similar hearings by Republican Congressmen in Michigan and Arizona that are set to begin, according to The Hill

According to recent reports, Republicans in Pennsylvania have been hearing about major voting problems and outright fraud from thousands of Pennsylvanians across the state. This was what prompted the hearing into the issue. 

In addition to President Trump, Rudy Giuliani is also set to attend. He argued a case for the first time since the 90s because all of President Trump's lawyers in Pennsylvania bailed on him

These hearings come after unprecedented reports of voter fraud and glitches affecting Dominion Voting Systems nationwide. In Michigan, a county was changed from red to blue by a glitch caused by a failure to update the voting system. After the update, the votes were returned and the county, which was a red county in 2016, flipped back to being pro-Trump.

Additionally, the Federal Government has officially spurned the investigations and lawsuits concerning voter fraud across the country and recognized Biden as the president-elect, skirting around President Trump's original directives and administrative decisions. 


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