BREAKING: MICHIGAN Poll Worker: I Saw THOUSANDS of Ballots FALSIFIED For Joe Biden, Fake Voting Was HUGE

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

As Michigan certifies its election results, despite there being 234 pages of sworn affidavits alleging first-hand accounts of Michigan voter fraud, yet ANOTHER poll worker comes forward claiming they were witness to shady voting practices that resulted in thousands of illegal votes being given to Joe Biden.

The poll worker, who spoke to journalist John Solomon, claims she, and others working with her, was personally commanded from leadership to falsify thousands of Joe Biden ballots. As John Solomon reported, according to One America News Network:

“She is confident that thousands of ballots were back-dated, but that’s not the only misconduct she said she saw,” he stated. “Going all the way back to September when she was first assigned to the election project, she says she saw election ballots going and having their dates changed…in other words they were committing fraud.”

Michigan has been having a long series of problems since Tuesday night, including a "glitch" that flipped an entire county from red to blue and only gave Joe Biden votes, for which everyone is still unsure what caused it in the first place. 

Additionally, Wayne County Republican canvassers claim they were tricked into certifying the election results in their county because they were promised an audit if they certified the results. However, they claim that, once their votes were cast, the audit was declined. Wayne County has been at the center of election fraud claims. 

But Michigan has long been known to have election issues, anyways. For instance, a lawsuit filed in 2019 claimed Detroit had roughly 25,000 more voters than eligible members of the voting population. Additionally, the lawyers found that at least 4,788 registrants had registered to vote at least two or three times. However, they later withdrew the lawsuit once Detroit promised to act on the information from their Lawsuit and clean up their lists, they allege on their website. The Daily Fodder could not verify whether Detroit had come through on their promise.

In 2016, President Trump won Michigan by just 11,000 votes


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