BREAKING: Election Security Expert States Votes Were CHANGED In Arizona, VOTES ADDED Tipped Arizona For Biden In Election

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

In the Arizona vote fraud hearings currently going on, an elections security expert stated votes were added to Biden through accessing the server, downloading the file, adding the votes to the file, and then reuploading the file. Additionally, the expert stated there are "at least 12 different ways" to hack the elections.

He also stated that "anything software-based can be manipulated" when speaking about whether the elections were safe. All it would take, according to him, would be simply a USB drive put into the machine to change votes. This testimony challenges the mainstream reporting that President Trump has "baseless" claims of voter fraud.

To supplement these claims, the voting security expert also made an infographic that explains all the ways the votes can be hacked and changed and how it is distributed along the voting network. 

When questioned about how the vote tabulations from random samples still match up with Dominion Voting Systems, the expert responded that these tabulations do not verify the authenticity of the votes sampled and additionally do not necessarily snuff out fake votes added. He said it was essentially "garbage in, garbage out."

These revelations come after weeks of reporting that the voting systems machines are unsafe and lack many of the added security measures of a typical home computer. Additionally, there has been a mountain of evidence of voter fraud in key states and Biden's lead dropped by 2,000 votes in Georgia after the recount.


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