BREAKING: CENSORS Petition Demanding Mainstream Media Report On Election Fraud

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

A recent petition I wrote demanding fairness in election reporting was removed by without warning or notification.

After it was echoed on Parler 26 times and upvoted another 48, and it already ganed 27 signatories, the petition suddenly disappeared.

I wish I had the text of the petition before it was deleted, as I would have reposted it here. Hopefully someone who has it on their computer or phone screen can comment with it in the future. But, essentially, it noted that the recounts in Wisconsin, Georgia, and glitches in several other states giving Biden thousands of nonexistent votes.

It also highlighted the hearings the Michigan House and Senate promised to have to get to the bottom of the election integrity issues in their state

Further, it highlighted how the voting systems, which Texas unilaterally declined to use due to security issues, are hackable and easy to manipulate. One of the reasons for this is due to the software programs running on outdates versions of Windows which no longer receive security patches.

The mainstream media has been completely ignoring this and has declared a Biden victory despite there being zero certified electoral votes and many states still finalizing their vote counts. As it stands right now, Biden is only at 243 Electoral votes. He needs to definitively win a couple more states before anything can be declared.

However, with the mounting evidence of voter Fraud in Michigan, with recounts in Wisconsin and Georgia, and with the results still too close to call in Arizona and Pennsylvania, the press has been deceiving the American people on voter fraud and the censorship of this petition is simply another form of control.


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