BIDEN-MEDIA COLLUSION: As Biden Voter Fraud Materializes Everywhere, The Washington Post Claims Trump, Not Biden, Is Trying To Steal The Election

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

After a hand recount in Georgia found thousands of previously uncounted ballots and saw Biden's lead shrink by about 2000 votes, The Washington Post pushes an article claiming, despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary, that President Trump is trying to steal the election.

I really wish I was joking. . . 

The headline is aptly titled "As Trump gets more brazen about trying to steal the election, can congressional Republicans ditch him?" and that's just the beginning of the craziest spin job you'll ever read about the 2020 election.

Here's just a sample of the lunacy the Liberal Media has become:

Congressional Republicans reluctantly backed President Trump on his false voter fraud claims in the hope that the situation would provide a natural exit ramp for them. His legal cases would wind down, states would certify results, and it’d be clear to everyone, even Trump and his base, that Joe Biden is president-elect.

. . .

So there’s little reason to think Republican voters will start now judging the Republicans still in office harshly for the bargain they made to support Trump over truth.

I have no idea what parallel universe The Washington Post is living in, but there has been MOUNTAINS AND MOUNTAINS of evidence there has been voter fraud in this election. 

First of all, there were certifiable glitches in multiple states. These glitches have been responsible for thousands of votes going ONLY TO JOE BIDEN. One such glitch resulted in a transfer of 5,000 votes from President Trump to Joe Biden

However, this isn't even the beginning of woes for those who are skeptical about the election results. Analysis from American Thinker's Nick Chase found Michigan and Wisconsin suddenly was given hundreds of thousands of votes in mere minutes that went to Joe Biden, while President Trump received the usual vote tally. He called these "added votes," and proved they did not match up with the tallying rates.

Additionally, President Trump's legal team has multiple sworn testimonies resulting in hundreds of pages in affidavits that allege voter fraud in Michigan. Because of this, Michigan's House and Senate are currently launching investigations into voter fraud.

Additionally, Wisconsin's two largest counties, Milwaukee and Dane counties, are currently recounting their votes as well.

Finally, and this is perhaps the smoking gun to the left's "Trump is stealing the election" argument, even the GSA, which certifies the election results on the federal level, will not certify any votes until the lawsuits and recounts and investigations subside due to voter fraud.

I don't know what world The Washington Post lives in, but I hope their readers and subscribers leave for earth sometime soon.


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