One Major Determiner Of The 2016 Election Predicts A Landslide For President Trump In 2020

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

President Trump has been packing MAGA rallies day after day as he visits multiple states. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is barely even getting crowds. And this bodes well for the 45th President of the United States's reelection efforts.

In Pensecola, Florida, crowds packed in as tightly as humanly possible into the large stadium Trump rented for his MAGA rally, and cars were lined up for the event before he even showed up, according to Florida local affiliate WEARTV

But the high energy didn't just stop there, the crowd began chanting his reelection, and some of the attendees, who were proud of their Trump support, expressed they did whatever they could to show up.

“We got out of school early, left work early and we’re excited to see him. We think we’ll be great for this country,” said attendee Wendy Welch.

Another attendee stated “I’m going to stand up for him because he’s trying to make America great again.”

But this wasn't the only rally that looked like this. At many of his rallies, President Trump often asks the news cameras to scan the crowds so people watching at home can see the massive attendance he draws. But the camera crews rarely do so. 

President Trump's crowds are so massive they sometimes drown out the sound system when people announce his name. Oftentimes, President Trump himself is drowned out by his own crowd.

But while President Trump draws massive crowds of high energy supporters, Biden's crowds are unusually small. So small, in fact, that even the liberal New York Times likened them to the empty NFL stadiums due to the lockdowns.

"There is scant physical evidence that the former vice president and Democratic nominee is in town," read The New York Times's report on Biden's rallies.

Even the title is worrisome for the presidential nominee: "When Joe Biden’s in Town, but It’s Hard to Tell".

"His visits are scarcely publicized beforehand, logistical details are closely held and his event venues serve as much as video studios as places of gathering," it went on to state.

Rally sizes were a largely ignored aspect of the 2016 election for many pundits and pollsters who had one of the worst election years of their lives. But to anyone paying attention, when President Trump drew in thousands (just like this election cycle) but Hillary Clinton barely drew people in at all. So much so that the candidate actually opted in for smaller rallies as an option.

And that turned out to be costly, as President Trump won many "hopelessly blue" states in the rust belt and even one of the 5 Boroughs of New York City, one of the most liberal cities in the United States.

If the rally sizes show anything, it's that President Trump will win in a landslide once again.


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