Democrats Have Been Abusing Immigration Since FDR Shunned The Jews, Yet Blame Trump

Joe Biden and his socialist supporters are crying crocodile tears over President Trump’s immigration enforcement measure that separated children from their parents. As a result of Trump’s policy, there are some 500 children in U.S. custody whose parents now cannot be found.

Despite their crocodile tears and their expressions of outrage over this horrific outcome, Democrats fail to realize that they are as responsible for what has happened to these families as Trump and his immigration gendarmes are.

In fact, all proponents of America’s system of immigration controls are responsible for this dark phenomenon.

Once government is delegated the power to control immigration, then it is natural that government is going to exercise that power. That means enforcement. And enforcement involves the initiation of force against innocent people.

Who decides how a socialist system — and that is precisely what a system of immigration controls is — is going to be enforced? Why, the regime in power of course. It’s the height of disingenuousness to exclaim, “But when I supported giving the government the power to control immigration, I thought the president would exercise such power in angelic, benevolent, and God-like ways.” Once a power is delegated to government, one has to assume that it is going to be enforced by some regime in vicious, horrific, malevolent ways.

Thus, the proponent of immigration controls becomes morally responsible for how his system is enforced. Once he delegates power to the government to control peaceful behavior, he can no longer play the innocent.

And it’s not as though Americans of today are unfamiliar with this principle. We all know, after all, how President Franklin Roosevelt’s regime used immigration controls to prevent German Jews from immigrating to the United States during the 1930s, when the Nazi regime was willing to let them go.

At that point, knowing what this immoral system of immigration controls could be abused, Americans should have immediately dismantled it and restored America’s founding system of open immigration, a system that had lasted for more than 100 years.

Under a system of open borders, there is no risk that a regime is going to employ its immigration enforcement powers in a vicious or malevolent way because the regime doesn’t have the power to control immigration at all. Thus, it’s not a matter of a president enforcing immigration controls in this way or that way because there simply is nothing to enforce.

We also shouldn’t forget that during the eight years of the Obama regime, Obama was called the “Deporter in Chief” because of the record numbers of immigrants he and his enforcement gendarmes were deporting. Thus, while Obama might not have been separating children from parents, his own immigration enforcement measures were also extremely cruel and inflicted severe suffering on innocent people.

Unfortunately, there are conservative-oriented libertarians who also favor immigration controls. I cannot help but wonder how they feel about Trump’s and Obama’s respective enforcement measures. While these conservative-conservative-oriented libertarians do not hesitate to express their support of immigration controls, they never — repeat never — address their implicit support of the measures that regimes take to enforce such controls. The reason for that is that these conservative-oriented libertarians know that immigration-enforcement measures that come with a system of immigration controls violate the libertarian non-aggression principle because they initiate force against innocent people.

This principle in immigration is the same in healthcare. Today, there are conservatives, liberals, and some libertarians who are complaining about how federal and state officials have mismanaged the coronavirus crisis. But when you ask them whether they would favor a complete separation of healthcare and the state — i.e., the end of all government involvement in healthcare (including Medicare and Medicaid), they have a conniption fit. That’s because they favor government providing and controlling healthcare. They just want the government to do it they want they want.

But that’s not the way the world works. As with immigration, once the power to provide, control, and manage healthcare is given to the government, that power is going to be exercised by whoever gains power. And the person who gains power is going to be the one who decides how the power is going to be exercised.

That’s why the only real solution to healthcare and immigration is the removal of power from both arenas. Once the power is removed, then it can no longer be abused.

How is that accomplished? Through constitutional amendment patterned on the First Amendment, as follows: (1) No law shall be enacted by either the national or state governments respecting the provision, management, or regulation of healthcare or abridging the free exercise thereof; (2) No law shall be enacted by either the federal or state governments respecting the movements of goods, services, and people across political borders or abridging the free exercise thereof.

The removal of power rather than trusting those who wield power is the key to achieving a free, prosperous, humane, healthy, peaceful, and harmonious society.

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