EP 112: Problems with Colorado Proposition 114, Forced Wolf Reintroduction (ft. Mia Anstine)

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In Episode 112 of District of Conservation, Gabriella spoke with Mia Anstine—a jill of all trades based in Colorado. Her titles include: hunting guide, writer, podcast host, outdoor tv guest host, commentator, keynote speaker, and firearms, archery, hunter-ed instructor, and POMA Board Member.

One thing on Mia’s mind is Proposition 114, if passed at the ballot box, would lead to forced reintroduction of gray wolves into Colorado. Hunters like Mia and other stakeholders are concerned this would upend wildlife management efforts in the state.

Mia’s Bio: She grew up in a small house on a dirt road along the San Juan River. Her father hunted to put food on the table. Mia’s mom grew a garden, sewed, and taught her daughter how to fish. Her great-grandfather used to visit the area for annual hunting trips and passed on his skills to Mia’s father, who passed them on to her. From her rural home base, Mia’s traveled to pursue wild animals around the world. She guides hunters chasing elk, mule deer, black bears, and Merriam’s turkeys in southwest Colorado and northern New Mexico.

Growing up, Mia learned about all things wonderful through a simple, pioneer way of life. Most people these days will never have the opportunity to experience, or even understand, the ways of living independent of technology. It’s that basic style of living in the Colorado mountains that inspired her to encourage others to get outside, hunt, fish, shoot, cook, eat, survive, create, and live life in a positive way.

Mia’s work has been featured on television, radio, and in newspapers and magazines. She is a hunting guide and instructor in archery, firearms, and other outdoor-related skills. She’s an engaging speaker, commentator, and instructor.

Mia has been featured in numerous interviews, and her passion for influencing others projected Mia to becoming the first American woman to be featured on the cover of Field & Stream magazine (the August 2016 issue). Mia, along with 10 other ladies profiled inside, are “feet-on-the-ground,” everyday women who are making a difference in the outdoor and hunting industries. She’s also been featured in KJ Houtman’s “Why Women Hunt” and Chris Crisman’s “Women’s Work.”

With her inspiration and passion to share, Mia has created her business, MAC Outdoors, where you’ll find her articles, videos, podcasts, apparel, accessories, homemade creations, recipes, and more. If you would like to learn more, visit MiaAnstine.com.

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Show Notes

Denver Post Editorial Mentioned

Safari Club International Primer – No on Prop 114

Trump admin intends to fully delist recovered gray wolf

Joe Rogan & Cam Hanes touched upon this recently

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