BREAKING: New Intelligence Documents Reveal North Korea Is Acquiring Dangerous New Missiles

Office of the Spokesperson

Today, the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, and the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security are issuing an advisory on North Korea’s ballistic missile procurement activities.

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The advisory identifies key procurement entities and deceptive techniques used by North Korea’s missile program, provides an overview of relevant provisions under U.S. law, including sanctions authorities, related to DPRK proliferation activities, and lists relevant resources. The advisory also contains annexes listing key items used in North Korea’s ballistic missile program, as well as DPRK persons and entities currently subject to sanctions by the U.S. Government.

North Korea’s continued efforts to expand its ballistic missile capabilities pose a significant threat to both regional and global stability. In 2017, North Korea conducted its inaugural tests of intercontinental ballistic missile systems, and, over the past year, has continued to test launch ballistic missiles in violation of a series of United Nations Security Council Resolutions. The United States is committed to working with our international partners to help limit the threat posed by North Korea’s missile development efforts, disrupting North Korea’s attempts to procure technologies for these programs, and promoting accountability for those entities and individuals assisting North Korea’s ballistic missile program.

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We urge the private sector to remain vigilant to efforts by North Korea to acquire missile-related technologies and equipment, including the specific items identified in this advisory, and to be aware of the sanctions risks under U.S. and UN authorities for assisting, even inadvertently, North Korea’s ballistic missile-related procurement.

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