Pedophile-Loving Cop Apprehended By The FBI's Child Exploitation Task Force For Selling Child Pornography


By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

The FBI has recently apprehended a pedophile-porn-loving cop who sold at least 26 videos and images of children having sex. It is unclear whether the officer enjoyed watching them himself, but he sure loved to sell them and never bothered to arrest his contacts who gave him the disgusting content. 

The officer worked for the Elmore Police Department since 2017 in Ohio. The Police Chief is sickened by the news and he held a meeting with fellow officers concerning it.

According to the FBI's press release, they received a cyber tip on August 4th that said the cop was using a messenger app to distribute the pedophile porn. 7 days later, they found him and contacted Elmore Police Department, which complied with the investigation.


Two federal search warrants were executed today, August 11, 2020, in this investigative matter, one for Kurp’s previous address in Oregon, Ohio, where child pornography images/videos were sent or received, and the other at his most recent address in Elmore, Ohio.

An Elmore Police Department representative confirmed Kurp’s work attendance at the department on specified dates and times when child pornographic images and/or videos were distributed.

Samuel Kurp was taken into custody today by members of the FBI’s Toledo Resident Agency’s Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force without incident. Kurp will have an initial appearance in federal court tomorrow, August 12, 2020. Kurp has been charged with receipt and distribution of child pornography.

The FBI would like to thank the Oregon Police Department and the Elmore Police Department for their cooperation in this matter and their continued partnership.

 Keep it coming, boys. You're doing a great job taking down the pedophile network.


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