New Lawsuit By Transgender Activists Seeks To Force Taxpayer Dollars To Cover Sex "Change" Surgeries Through Medicaid

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

A lawsuit in Arizona is seeking to force the state to pay for transgender surgeries through Medicaid. The move, which would force taxpayer's dollars to fund sex "change" operations, was shrouded in "civil rights" propaganda, even though there is no Constitutional basis for forcing people to fund sex "change" surgeries against their will through their tax dollars.

The Hill has more:

Two teenagers filed a class action lawsuit against Arizona’s Medicaid agency on Thursday. The plaintiffs, who are transgender, allege that their civil rights are being violated by the state health insurance program’s restrictions on covering gender reassignment or gender affirming surgeries.

NBC News reports that the suit estimates that about 100 Arizonans would be affected by the suit, which reportedly aims to create a class action for Arizona Medicaid recipients under the age of 21 who wish to undergo chest reconstruction surgery for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

Class in this case is defined as “individuals who have been unable and will be unable” to qualify for state Medicaid coverage through the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System "for medically necessary male chest reconstruction surgery because of the [ban], and as a result, have faced or will face delayed or denied access to these medically necessary treatments.”

NBC News "estimated" a grand total of 100 people would be "affected" by this ruling. But they are dead wrong. First off, Arizona is the 12th-largest state for transgender population, so waaaaaayyyy more than 100 people would be getting free operations. 

Second off, this would affect every, single Arizonan and force them to pay for something they have no say in. A good portion of Arizonans don't want other people to decide what their money goes to, and plenty of those Arizonans are against sex "change" operations.

But in addition to this, sex"change" operations are bad policy. For one, they don't actually change someone's sex. Sex is biologically determined at birth, and there is nothing one can do about it.

But second, they don't even fix the mental anguish of the transgender. Transgenders who have had reassignment surgeries experience disturbingly high regret and suicide rates. This is something the press rarely reports on.

Hopefully Arizona will come to its senses and this lawsuit will fail. Transgender people deserve better therapy than a surgery which causes regret, mental anguish, and ultimately suicide.


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  1. We already pay the bill for sex "changes" in prisons and the military. This is the next absurd step in the process...

  2. Will we also have to pay when they want to reverse the mutilation they have done. Or maybe pay for their funeral when they off themselves? No thanks.