Dr. Fauci Received Money From One Person That Will Make You Think Twice About The Coronavirus Vaccine

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Dr. Anthony Fauci is known as a Washington, D.C. establishment figurehead. He's been working for the National Institute of Health for many years, spanning 6 Presidents. But just because he has held a job for a long time, that doesn't mean he is a good candidate for the position.

Dr. Fauci is known to have worked with Bill Clinton in the 90s. He said the relationship was "very formal" in an interview with Dr. Gupta at CNN. But Clinton isn't the real boogeyman hiding in Fauci's closet.

Dr. Fauci received money from Bill Gates to do mandatory global vaccine research... 10 years ago. But not only that, he was put on the leadership council of the project, in a new department at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This means he was, in fact, a member of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for an unknown amount of time according to a press release from the Foundation itself.

The department, called the Global Vaccine Action Plan would, according to the press release, "increase coordination across the international vaccine community and create a Global Vaccine Action Plan." In other words, create a global vaccine mandate with vaccines designed by none other than Bill Gates and his lackeys.

Dr. Fauci was on the Leadership Council, along with Dr. Margaret Chan (who is now RUNNING the WHO). And, according to the WHO's website, the plan spans until this year: 2020. As part of the plan, according to page 16 of a downloadable pdf of the plan itself found on the webpage, countries that agree must meet "vaccination coverage targets in every region, country, and community." 

But what'e even more bone-chilling is that, by 2020, according to the pdf on page 17, there must be "the initiation of phase III trials for a first generation universal influenza vaccine." Even though Coronavirus isn't officially called a flu, the CDC says they share all of the same symptoms, are both asymptomatic, and both are respiratory illnesses. The coincidences are too much to rule out an overall difference without a virus structure breakdown study.

But this isn't Dr. Fauci's only connection to Bill Gates. In October, 2019, The American Journal of Managed Care reported that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated 100 million dollars the National Institute of Health. But, according to the article:
The Gates Foundation and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a part of the NIH, are both currently exploring gene-based treatments for HIV, together with other therapies, and they noted that this collaboration will allow them to intensify their research, coordinate on their efforts, and accelerate studies into early clinical trials to test promising interventions.

“This collaboration is an ambitious step forward, harnessing the most cutting-edge scientific tools and NIH’s sizable global HIV research infrastructure to one day deliver a cure and end the global HIV pandemic,” said NIAID director Anthony S. Fauci, MD, in a statement announcing the initiative. “We are taking into account those with the greatest need at the foundation of this effort, to ensure that, if realized, this exceptional public health achievement will be made accessible to all.”
So, it appears Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates have been best buddies for many years, and they are both in on a global vaccination plan that will come to fruition in 2020. These are the same people funding and pushing the ModeRNA Coronavirus vaccine that failed miserably but is somehow in Phase III clinical trials. But even Bill Gates himself stated he wants this vaccine to be universal so the lockdowns will end. Ths vaccine that could potentially cause serious injuries to 1.5 BILLION PEOPLE if it is continued to be steamrolled through despite its horrible success thus far.


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  1. Wake up people!! Refuse and resist!! Don't be fooled!!