Chinese Communist Party Breaks Into 84-Year-Old Christian's Home, Orders Him To Pray To Xi Jinping, Replaces Cross With Image Of Him Instead

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

An 84-year-old Christian's home was among a series of homes invaded by the Chinese Communist Party to rid the country of Christianity. The man's town was raided by officials who removed images of the cross in the town's Christian population and instead replaced them with images of Xi Jinping.

The 84-year-old was not the only member of the invaded town who was given this "order." Others in the town faced the same ultimatum, and witnesses state they were told they must pray only to Xi Jinping from now on.

In a statement to Bitter Winter, one of the victims of this ultimatum from the Chinese Communist Party said "All households without exception must display Xi Jinping portraits and take photos of themselves next to them."

Aditionally, the 84-year-old believer stated "The township Party secretary asked me to take down and throw away the cross and told me to pray to Xi Jinping from then on."

In addition to this, reports have been circulating that the Chinese Communist Party is working to rewrite the Bible and they have already destroyed many homes

This comes on the heels of the Catholic Church renewing a secret agreement with the Chinese Communist Party that allows the Anti-Christian regime to choose high-profile bishops and church leadership within the church.


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