BREAKING: Democrat Rioters Choke Woman, Attack Police, Start Fires, Yell At Trump Supporters Outside RNC Rally

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Protests outside the RNC turned violent when Democrats began fighting with police and yelling at Trump supporters. The clashes began right before the sun went down, and protesters were arguing with Trump Supporters, with one Black Lives Matter activist getting into a heated contention. 

The rioters claimed to be "frustrated" with Donald Trump, saying the RNC needs to "see the light" while they yelled and screamed and clashed with police.

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According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, protesters pushed over a bicycle cop as he tried to extinguish a fire set by the demonstrators. Further, one officer had to save a woman's life who was being choked by one of the rioters. The rioter then attacked the cop.

Further, the protesters trashed the road with construction debris to keep cars from travelling there. Possibly as an attempt to divert people from going to the RNC rally. They were also trying to block traffic.

One group of rioters tried to cut down the police flag from the flagpole. Police pepper-sprayed and arrested the vandals.

Multiple people were arrested and everything finally subsided before nightfall. Things are back to normal as of last night. Hopefully this will not happen again.


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  1. Physically attacking people they disagree with is literally all the Left has...they can't win Americans over to their viewpoint because most Americans aren't self-hating and they still understand the true evil of Communism.

    1. I feel FROGGY! They can come on over to The Ohio and jump. Cause I feel FROGGY! It might be an old man term, I might be out of touch, but you all come down my street and I will show you FROGGY!