BREAKING: 9 Pedophiles In East Texas Arrested In Child Prostitution Sting


By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

In Killeen, Texas, 9 suspects were arrested for pedophilia in response to emails sent to police officers posing as underage children soliciting themselves for sex. The pedophiles offered drugs, alcohol, and money as payment for the indecent acts and were immediately arrested when they arrived at the location of the place of meeting.

Killeen PD released the names of the pedophiles in their news release of the incident. Three were military members and the arrest reportedly included confiscated weaponry. It is unknown what the weapons were going to be used for.

The Killeen PD statement says:

On Saturday, August 8, 2020, the Killeen Police Department Special Victim’s Unit in partnership with the Texas Department of Public Safety Human Trafficking Program, concluded a two-day child prostitution sting.  The overall goal of this joint effort was to locate and arrest subjects who were willing to make overt efforts to pay minors to engage in sexual acts.  During this operation nine suspects, three of whom are military, contacted officers through various social media platforms and made agreements for sexual acts with girls they believed were 15 or 16 years of age.  These agreements were for fees that included money, drugs, and/or alcohol.  The suspects were apprehended without incident when they arrived at a predetermined location.


The Killeen Police Department would like to remind citizens, “If you see something, say something”.  Please report any suspicious activity involving Human Trafficking to your local 9-1-1 emergency center.

If you ever do see something, please do tell your local police department. The Gateway Pundit reported that the chance of a child being a victim of child trafficking is 2000x greater than the chance of them contracting Coronavirus.


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