BREAKING: 26 Sex Offenders And Pedophiles ARRESTED For Illegal Online Activity

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

In Highlands County, Florida 26 sex offenders were arrested for violating the law regarding their internet usage. They were all using online accounts, according to local outlet Fox 13.

In a lengthy Facebook video press release by the Highlands County Sheriff's Office, 26 people were arrested for hundreds of charges in what is called Operation Disconnect, an ongoing investigation into illegal sex offender internet activity. Some of those arrested had warrants out for their arrest in ACTIVE cases with the Special Victims Unit.

The Facebook press release states:

The operation also picked up some subjects with active warrants in Special Victims Unit cases. So far, there have been 26 people arrested, with the total number of charges in the hundreds.

The Special Victims Unit closely monitors the sexual offenders and predators living in our county, and the success of Operation Disconnect is the result of that diligence.

The operation is not over, so any sexual offenders or predators who think they may have some things on their registrations they need to clear up should come see us before we come find you.

One pedophile with 3 counts of sexual battery on a minor and another in possession of child pornography were included in the arrests. Hopefully the rest will be arrested too. Way to go, boys in blue!


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