The United States and Russia Hold Space Security Exchange

Office of the Spokesperson

Officials from the Departments of State, Defense, and Energy, as well as the National Security Council, met with Russian Federation officials in a Space Security Exchange under the framework of the Strategic Security Dialogue. In more than 13 hours of discussion, these senior U.S. civilian and military experts with space policy and operational experience engaged in extensive discussions with Russian counterparts in the first space dialogue with Moscow in seven years.

In this meeting, the two sides exchanged views on current and future space threats, policies, strategies, and doctrine, and discussed a forward-looking agenda to promote safe, professional, and sustainable activities in space.  Both delegations expressed interest in continuing these discussions and improving communications, such as on how to enhance communications between the two countries about space-related operational issues in order to reduce the risks of misunderstanding, help prevent or manage space-related incidents, and prevent inadvertent escalation.


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