HARSH TRUTH: It's Time To Tell The Lockdown Establishment To Go To Hell In November

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

During WWII, Japanese, Italian, and German immigrants and citizens were required to register as "enemy aliens." They were fingerprinted, added into a database, and required to have an "enemy alien" card at all times.

These people were told "nothing" would happen to the ones who followed protocol. That they would all be perfectly fine. This was a LIE. Many of those forced to register were US Citizens. Few were actually "aliens" at all. But it gets worse...

Then, a couple years later, an executive order placed restrictions on ALL PEOPLE OF ITALIAN ANCESTRY. They were treated like lower-class citizens. They could not do things other people did. And these were fellow US Citizens we're talking about...

Now, many of these same people were also locked down against their will in internment camps. Imagine that, U.S. Citizens interned in their own country for the crime of simply existing. No evidence of subversiveness. No evidence of being an enemy combattant. Simply because of your original location you are a threat to national security. I thought we had something called a Bill of Rights? Well, I guess the government forgot...

I'm saying this because the rhetoric used was "these people are a danger to national security." These people are dangerous. They're a threat. Despite there being no evidence or proof of danger, they're a threat. They're gonna kill us all!!!

I'm saying this because we are currently treating all people in every city, state, county, and country like an "enemy of the state" because they simply exist in a room. They wear a mask, they social distance, etc. They play by the rules, and they followed the "mitigation efforts." But with no evidence of having Coronavirus, with no testing proving they had it, they were told they were a potential danger to everyone around them anyways (a threat to national security) and that means they cannot go to bars, cannot go to the mall, cannot go to the store, cannot buy alcohol, cannot go bowling, cannot watch movies. etc. We must shut everything down and treat everyone as an "enemy of the state" despite there being zero evidence at all of sickness from Coronavirus.

In case you're wondering, "they" are US. WE the people. The lifeblood of this country, the reason for government existing (you can't govern an empty space). Even though most of us have zero evidence we are a threat: we weren't tested, we've been wearing masks, we've been self quarantining if we came into contact with people who have the virus, etc. etc. It didn't matter. We obeyed because we were told "nothing" would happen if we did. Much like the "enemy aliens." It was all A BIG, FAT LIE.

The lockdowns have so many parallels to WWII internment it's crazy. And instead of fighting it or telling the government it must prove we are a threat before calling us one, we are simply doing what the "enemy aliens" did. We're just taking it, not even stopping to think for a second that these policies might just be a steaming pile of bull manure.

Other countries have already picked up contact tracing, where you are marked as potentially covid-positive for knowing someone who is, even if you, yourself may not have the virus (e.g. given an "enemy alien" card) and everyone around you is alerted when you show up (you're a threat to national security). Despite your taking precautions, wearing a mask, gloves, etc. Everyone "knows" you're an "enemy alien" who needs to be treated like they're a murderer who is hellbent of killing all of us with their trip to the grocery store.

This isn't normal. This isn't sane. Rational people don't do this. Rational people don't assume the non-mask-wearing mailman is a deranged psychopath who is gonna kill them with his breath. Rational people don't assume a trip to the grocery store, even with a mask, will kill off the country. But, when the government is in charge, rational people don't matter. Sanity flies out the window. And, instead, a "new normal" develops where "enemy aliens" - of which we have no evidence they will even harm us at all - who apparently are taking covert, subversive trips to grocery stores with no masks on with some crazy scheme of wanting the entire world to die, are a threat to national security and therefore EVERYTHING must be locked down. 

I mean just think about this rhetoric for a second... According to them:

We don't know who the next murderous, genocidal maniac who just wants to buy a carton of milk might be lurking. We don't know who the next covert assassin is whose horrible crime is to take a sip of beer at a bar and play some games and talk with his friends. We may never know which horrid, psychotic individual who just wants to pay for her groceries with a few copper coins at the register might turn up next. We simply don't know when these dangerous threats to national security (despite their probability of actually HAVING COVID being next to nil) who go around without masks simply existing in places they're not supposed to (even though there's no proof they have the virus at all, remember) and are a threat to everything we know and hold dear (somehow) will show up next. Therefore, we need to shut everything down. It's for your safety! No questions asked! We're right because we're experts!

Well, what we DO know is this form of insanely irrational thinking is precisely what happens when you trust government freely without giving it the level of scrutiny it is required to justify its actions. I mean, seriously, is going out to buy a carton of milk REALLY a murderous sign of some deranged psycho killer who hates your grandma? Maybe that person just wants some milk for his child's cereal. You can't fault a father for wanting to make his kid happy.

When November comes, we need to speak with our ballots. We need to vote out the yahoos who went with these internment decisions and told us to lock down in our own homes even though many of us do not have Coronavirus or do not harm others and instead socially distance and self quarantine if we have it.

We need to tell our government that merely existing somewhere doesn't make us an enemy of the state. That simply going to the grocery store doesn't mean you're a murderous psychopath on a mission to kill grandma. That you cannot just take away people's rights without evidence or due process. The ballot needs to be heard, and it needs to be heard loud and clear in 2020. Vote Out The Encroachers! (V.O.T.E.) 2020.

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