BREAKING: South Carolina Supreme Court BANS No-Knock Warrants

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

The South Carolina Supreme Court has temporarily banned no-knock warrants, the type of warrant that was responsible for the death of Breoanna Taylor

Police carry out 20,000 no-knock raids a year, and many of the victims are completely innocent. And according to The Justice Collaborative, 100 people have died due to no-knock raids since 2010.

ABC4 News broke the story:
The court announcement on Friday said circuit and summary judges cannot sign off on the warrants until they receive further instruction on how to issue the warrants from the state's judicial branch.

The order says that most magistrates do not understand the gravity of the warrants.

The court acknowledged the dangers executing such warrants can pose to both members of the public and to law enforcement.

Mostly, no-knock raids are a by-product of the war on drugs, where police suddenly break into a person's door in the middle of the night or during the day and completely destroy their homes. But oftentimes unconstitutional Red Flag Laws (where officers take away your legally-owned firearm because a judge thinks you're a threat based on anyone's testimony of you, regardless of whether it is factually validated or not) are responsible for them.

No-knock warrants were also used for years to plant evidence based on completely false police reports that were fabricated by police officers. They also completely violate the 4th Amendment. Hopefully other states will follow suit, as the majority of voters want no-knock warrants eliminated.


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