HORRIFYING: [VIDEO] White Girl Thrusted To Ground To Kiss Brazilian Woman's Feet Gets Beaten Into Submission

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

There have been a lot of viral videos spreading around, and I advise you to be careful whenever someone shares a video with you and says "check out this terrible thing." But this one is a clear cut human rights abuse. In it, a girl, is kicked and slapped and forced to kiss a woman's feet. The girl, who looks scared out of her mind, is seen covering up her face with her hands as the blows keep coming.

Here is the video of the horrifying circumstance:

There is simply no excuse for beating the crap out of people like this. We are all human beings and beating people into submission is always 100% wrong. The death of George Floyd and Breoanna Taylor is police brutality. The hangings of black people in trees is brutality as well. So is the senseless beating of this girl.


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  1. But not a word from the press No one knows the name of Reese Bowman but you all cry for a man who held a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach during a home invasion. As far as Im concerned I want you all to find G-d, more over Id like to pursue that avenue more thoroughly myself as the thought of hell fills me with a dread words simply cannot describe. I hope youll pray for me too, and above all I hope we can all do better in the eyes of our Lord.