UN Launches NEW WORLD ORDER Website, Says New World Order Project has been IN PLACE SINCE 2008

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

The UN has published a website that details the UN New World Order project. It's tied to (as the "conspiracy theorists" said) the 2030 sustainable development goals. And, most disturbing of all, it says this "project" was founded in 2008.

Before you think I'm some tinfoil hat conspirator, I want you to seriously consider what a May 22 Forbes article says:
The Coronavirus has forced all of us, in the few short months, into a massive reflection of our way of life and what we’ve taken for granted.  It’s nudged us into territory we were bound to go eventually, and it's  compelling all industries to finally embrace transformation. If the crash of 2008 sought to redefine the financial industry, this pandemic will be the catalyst to define how we live.
It was in an article titled "Are We Ready To Embrace A New World Order?" In it, the author drolls on and on about how everything we know and love is changed, and possibly forever. But he isn't the only person to write about the New World Order:

The Sydney Morning Herald dubbed a May 23 headline titled "Australia's COVID-19 inquiry presents a roadmap for a new world order"

In it, the author states:
"One lesson for Australia, I think, is that we've rarely been interested in playing the politics of actively and aggressively promoting candidates for international positions," [WHO's director-general] says. "But it's important that we do that, because the difference between a good UN secretary-general and a bad one is profound. And the difference between a good WHO director-general and a bad one is significant."

"It's a good time for Australia to reflect on how international institutions matter to us. We go through periods when we write off international institutions, but the truth is that for a country of our size, which regards itself as having global interests but doesn't have global capacities, having functioning international institutions that we can influence is obviously in our interest." ...
It is now up to a new generation of heroes to eradicate COVID-19 and ensure the world is better prepared for the next pandemic.

In the new world order, it may be up to middle powers - not great ones - to make this possible. 
But it's not just Australia and U.S. news outlets talking about a "new world order" where the political paradigm will shift and new governmental powers be forged. It's also in India. This Hindustan Times article from May 27 titled "New world order post Covid-19, balance of power between US, China will change: Rahul Gandhi" also has some shocking eye-openers:
At the global level, the former Congress chief said, the virus is operating at two levels.

“One, it is operating at a healthcare level and two, it is attacking the globalised structure. If you look at the places that are vulnerable, they are all nerve centres of globalisation. And if you look at the people who are vulnerable, they are all people who have been damaged by the food chain. Heart disease, particular types of diets, particular types of behaviour, all come from globalisation and the virus is attacking them,” he said.

“I am convinced you are going to have a new world after this virus. I also think for example, I think it is going to reshape Europe. Many people won’t like what I say…But I think Europe will have real, real difficulty staying together. I think the balance of power between the US and China will change. I think we are entering…people say 9/11 was a new chapter, this is a new book,” Gandhi said.
But perhaps the most daunting read on all this comes from the Nikkei Asian Review in a May 7 article chillingly titled "World moving to new order with China on top: Bridgewater's Dalio." But this section is particularly worrisome:
The co-chairman of Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund, told Nikkei in an exclusive interview that he failed to appreciate the ability of natural events like the Spanish flu in 1918 to shatter economic and political systems and sees societies being torn by conflicts over wealth and power in the aftermath of the disruption.

Dalio, whose accomplishments include helping McDonald's create Chicken McNuggets by hedging the cost of feed through futures, said that America's position in the new world order will depend on issues such as quality of education, work ethic and the respect for law.

Excerpts of the interview have been edited for brevity and clarity.
The article is full of a lot of propaganda about how printing currency will help the economy (even though the hyperinflation of Germany proves otherwise) and how stimulus and bailouts also help the economy (they don't. They bankrupt countries and then over-tax their citizens to make up for the lost income. They also prevent businesses from managing their money better and even innovating, because they don't have to worry about failure or going out of business). But the section on the "new world order" is particularly enlightening:
Q: Do you expect the world order will be transformed after the pandemic subsides? What will happen to capitalism?

A: I believe we will see a changed world order. We will go through a period of fighting over the merits of capitalism and socialism, and there will be a significant redistribution of wealth. I worry that this will be similar to what happened in the 1930s, with modern-day versions of communism and fascism.

The struggle to restructure the world order will last probably about five years. Then the winners and losers in the new system will be clearer, and we will move in a more orderly way. Still, these restructurings are temporary adjustments. The big picture is that human adaptability and inventiveness are the greatest force, so better times will follow this restructuring.

Q: Do you think that new order will be something very beneficial to the U.S.?

A: Both the absolute and relative position of the United States will depend on whether it can take care of the fundamentals that make countries strong. In the short term, there will be a big debt restructuring, but that will pass. In the long run, the quality of education and civility of its people, inventiveness, work ethic, respect for law and other such things will matter most.

Chances are that living standards will rise, but more slowly than that of China's. What happens depends largely on how the U.S. and China approach their disagreements. If they approach them badly, both will suffer.

We are seeing classic conflicts over wealth and power, both within countries and between countries. History has shown us that the outcomes depend largely on whether the parties involved handle them peacefully or violently.
Even the Catholic Church has people in very powerful positions warning of the New World Order. One such man is Archbishop Viganò. Archbishop Viganò is an archbishop in the Catholic Church who used to work for the Vatican's Secretary-General of the Governorate of Vatican City State from July 16th, 2009 to September 3rd, 2011. He also was Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from October 19th, 2011 to April 12th, 2016. An Apostle Nuncio is someone who serves as an official diplomat for the Catholic Church's Vatican Ruling Class. So, in short, this ain't some wackjob hiding in his mother's basement or a Russian troll farmer trying to spread discord. This is a reputable man who had positions of significant importance.

The idea of plans for a New World Order under which countries and ordinary citizens saw their identity taken away by a powerful elite might have seemed absurd until a few years ago. Now these very plans are being stated and indeed pushed as good for society and for individuals. These plans as promoted by international groupings must be unmasked, understood, and revealed. In ordinary times such would be the task of the media, to make each of us aware of what is happening so that we can speak out against it as individual believers and members of a community.

This is the purpose of the Appeal: to break the media silence we are seeing, especially in terms of the lack of any discussion of individual freedoms and rights. These are now being censored and controlled. We also wish to ask members of the scientific community to discuss these matters without pressure being applied by economic or ideological interests, and to remind governments of their responsibility for the good of all.

The Appeal has certainly raised a certain amount of discussion and debate. In Germany, many Bishops have simply spoken of “conspiracy theories,” and have completely failed to refute any of our claims. They have thus climbed onto the bandwagon of current ideology. During a recent interview with the German Catholic weekly magazine Die Tagespost, Cardinal Müller (one of the signatories of the Appeal) courageously notes that “the modern trend is to consider anyone who thinks things in a different way as a conspiracy theorist.” 
The rest of the article is bone-chilling (the Appeal that Viganò is talking about, btw, can be read here). The main argument used to "silence" and "censor" those who promote the New World Order is to call them "conspiracy theorists." Well, conspiracy theorists stated there is a Deep State. They stated the DOJ was the Military Industrial Complex. They said there will be a mark for commerce. They also said Coronavirus lockdowns were unscientific. And, in all these cases, they were right on the money. Maybe it's not such a bad thing to be a conspiracy theorist?

But even so, another Catholic political scientist, in a May 19 German article writes (translated by Google Translate):
Instead of an objective discussion, the debate about the Viganò appeal shows the usual media-inquisitorial reflexes.

In our multi-media era, which is obsessed with clicks and gigabytes, with which you can earn enormous amounts of money, it is not easy to set topics that are widely discussed. Often only excitators make it into the leading media - and from there into countless secondary channels.

The appeal "Veritas liberabit vos " is the feat of a controversial, albeit largely one-sided reception. The document was produced in the Vatican (in collaboration with various experts). Cardinals of the Curia and archiepiscopal archbishops such as Gerhard L. Müller, Joseph Zen Zen-kiun and Carlo M. Viganó acted as the first signer, and numerous supporters, doctors, lawyers and others, mostly believers, have put their names on the letter since its publication. ...  
A hot word “world government” is appropriate. Nobody will say that she is at the door. Global centralist tendencies are nevertheless frightening and to be debated beyond all conspiracy theory speculations. The media recently reported extensively on the search and financing of a new vaccine. One of the protagonists in this field, the US entrepreneur Bill Gates, who has great influence on the World Health Organization WHO, comments on this in a guest contribution in the renowned "Economist". He sees three major medical breakthroughs as a result of the Corona crisis. It is obvious that the innovations will bring about fundamental global shifts in power. It is no coincidence that Gates associates such research advances with the UN. The translation of his contribution to Focus-Online states: “Our progress will not only be seen in science. It will also show in our ability to ensure that everyone benefits from this science. I think we will learn from the years after 1945 in the years after 2021. With the end of World War II, leading politicians created international institutions such as the UN to prevent further conflicts. After Covid-19, leaders will develop institutions to prevent the next pandemic. ” With the end of World War II, leading politicians created international institutions such as the UN to prevent further conflicts. After Covid-19, leaders will develop institutions to prevent the next pandemic. ” With the end of World War II, leading politicians created international institutions such as the UN to prevent further conflicts. After Covid-19, leaders will develop institutions to prevent the next pandemic. ” 
So the Appeal about stopping the New World Order was not written by a bunch of lunatics and crackpot conspiracy theorists. It was written by lawyers, political theorists, and others at the Vatican. But the press tried to downplay it, calling it a "conspiracy theory." In truth it is a WARNING. And now other outlets are WARNING US too.

But perhaps the most OBVIOUS AND PLAIN AS DAY proof of a coming push for a New World Order comes from the UN itself...

ONCE AGAIN: The UN has published a website that details the UN New World Order project. It's tied to (as the "conspiracy theorists" said) the 2030 sustainable development goals. And, most disturbing of all, it says this "project" was founded in 2008.

Notice these writers and interviewees and sources aren't Alex Jones. They aren't fringe lunatics writing in alternative media outlets. These are actual news articles from establishment media outlets or billionaires with lots of ties in lots of places. So the "New World Order" isn't some conspiracy theory fit for Tinfoil Tims stocking up canned goods in their underground bunkers. This is very real, and we are being WARNED.

So the push to promote and normalize the New World Order has begun... Will we nip it in the bud or will we willingly let the government turn us into sheeple? We need to act fast and vote in politicians who oppose this mess.

Here are the archive.is versions for the articles in case they disappear:

UN NWO website: http://archive.is/8FCCM
Sydney Morning Herald: http://archive.is/DdZwo
Hindustan Times: http://archive.is/SRUGN
Nikkei Asian Review: http://archive.is/VHaEw
LifeSite News: http://archive.is/rAs72
German article: http://archive.is/RE0pn


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