Socialism and science don’t mix

“Listen to the scientists!” shouts the Left.

If only they would.

The scientific method requires pain-staking investigation, rigid questioning, cordial dialogue, free exchange of ideas, and open minds.  Data drives conclusions.  Data is never altered, dismissed or politicized to protect a cherished theory.

David Wojick provides a cogent example of the Left feeding distorted climate science to an all-too-complicit media at

USA Today provided a perfect example of promoting model based panic.

Here is their panicky title: “Unsuitable for ‘human life to flourish’: Up to 3B will live in extreme heat by 2070, study warns

Three billion people will live where humans cannot survive? Seriously? Will they become billions of climate refugees? That is the absurd idea, right?

The article merely mentions in passing that this is just another (hyperbolic) computer result, nowhere even hinting that this is not something even remotely real. There is no hint of scientific caution. No alternative view, no questioning analysis or opinion, nothing. The entire article is written as though this nonsense were somehow an established fact.

Here’s a maxim you can take to the bank: Socialists always lie.  Socialism has been tried and failed in so many countries, at so many levels, that the evidence against this destructive ideology is overwhelming.  That’s why their arguments are clever, yet false.  That’s why they seize control of processes and institutions and use them to suppress speech that proves them wrong.

How frustrating is it that the Left, while actively demanding obedience to politicized science, at the same time wholesale rejects solid science that is essential to sustaining and advancing society?

Scientists developed safe, efficient nuclear energy and the Left fights it. Scientists developed superior strains of wheat, corn and rice and the Left slanders them. Scientists developed technology to feed the world and the means to transport us around it and the Left works to propel us backward.

Science and Socialism surely do not mix.

Freedom is sustainable.

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