READ: UN Documents Discussing the "Progress" Toward ACHIEVING The NEW WORLD ORDER

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

In my last article, I documented the creation of the UN NWO website and various journalistic articles (which were archived at the bottom of the article) that proved it is being planned for our post-pandemic society.

Well, those news articles apparently weren't enough for some skeptics, so I have uncovered links to REAL UN DOCUMENTS, from the UN itself, that discuss the "progress" toward implementing the New World Order:

Letter dated 31 December 2019 from the Permanent Representative of Viet Nam to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General (2020):

This first document talks about the "global control of the arms" of the world and making sure the member countries are in lockstep to control opposition.

Towards a New International Economic Order (2015):

In this document they talk about "norm setting" international economies and "international economic decisionmaking" for all countries involved. It also talks about agreeing with the New Economic Order Charter (see part of it 2 here) which seeks "the exercise of permanent sovereignty over natural resources" by UN member countries. They also seek to "regulate and stabilize the global markets" and control transportation, food, and the overall economy of countries to bring about their vision of the future.

Report on the Implementation of the New Global Human Order (2010):

This is the summary:
The present report on the role of the United Nations in promoting a new global human order is submitted pursuant to General Assembly resolution 62/213. It briefly reviews the key features of the new global human order and highlights the common elements it shares with the Copenhagen Declaration and the Millennium Declaration. The report provides a succinct assessment of the implications of inequality for development and it reviews recent trends in inequality, its causes and its implications for economic and social development. The report concludes with a number of recommendations to address the negative implications of inequality for economic and social development. 
Throughout the entire document they talk about the history of the new order and what they want it to do. However, what they so conveniently rephrase is how they want to go about doing it. They are going to use regulations and control and overtaking of other countries to accomplish these goals, as the IMF's recent Coronavirus bailouts prove:
While financing under the RFI is often a one-off purchase in the case of an urgent balance of payments need of limited duration, there is scope for repeated use. A repeated use of the RFI within any three-year period is possible if the balance of payments need is caused primarily by an exogenous shock, or the country has established a track record of adequate macroeconomic policies, including through a staff monitored program, prior to the request.

As under the RCF, in addition to the provision of emergency assistance under the RFI, the Fund may also provide technical assistance to build the country’s capacity to implement comprehensive macroeconomic policies. Areas of focus may include building statistical capacity and establishing and organizing fiscal, monetary, and exchange institutions to help build tax and government expenditure capacity, payment, credit, and foreign exchange operations.
So the IMF, which is a part of the UN, is going to implement the shared goals of the new economic order by buying out the countries and then controlling how their economies run. 

Here is an article about the NWO from the UN's own News Centre:

General Assembly chief calls on States to enter real talks on Security Council reform

Here it reads:
Mr. Deiss indicated that any success in reforming the 15-member Council – which currently has five permanent and 10 non-permanent members – would be an important contribution to making the system of global governance more representative of the new world order.
If you'd like perhaps the best-collected set of in-depth research on the UN NWO website, this fact check doesn't disappoint. In it, one of them exposes the fact that Ilien is both a former CIA member and held positions in the UN.

There is no shortage of proof that the UN is trying to create a one world government under a New World Order. They have already begun implementing the next steps yesterday with the IMF Coronavirus bailouts and Global Partnership in AI that is being completely written about under-the-radar right now.

My next articles will be about exposing how the IMF and the Global Partnership on AI exists to implement the global governance and the complete surveillance of every citizen on the globe. stay tuned. of UN News Centre article:

note: I have all files saved and can be distributed as per anyone's request if these documents disappear.


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