CALIFORNIA OFFICIAL: If you have Coronavirus we will REMOVE you from your house and FORCIBLY DETAIN you

In a move reminiscent of Japanese internment during World War II, Ventura County, California's Health Director, Dr. Robert Levin, warned that anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 and has other members of their household will be forcibly removed from their homes and thrown into a "new" living facility, where they will be forced to live, against their will, until the county no longer deems them a health threat. 

According to the press conference, they will not be able to leave their "new" living facilities. Instead, the government will "provide" food and drinks for them. The government will also "find every one their contacts" and "make sure" they stay quarantined and "check in" with them every day.

The statement was documented on a live-streamed press conference which you can watch at the link below. The forced removal and detainment comments start 6 minutes in:


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  1. I don't think this is accurate. I don't think any state is this dumb.

    1. Start listening to the video clip just above the comments at the six minute mark. Dr Robert Levin is essentially talking about taking people from their homes and forcing them to live "into other housing that we have available." That sounds suspiciously like some kind of camps frankly. You ought to be way more terrified of quacks like Robert Levin than of the Coronavirus, which appears to mainly be dangerous to people already terribly ill, which puts it in a similar footing to colds and flu.

  2. You will have to take my dead body. I ain't going anywhere with anyone. Fuck that!