BRAND NEW Conservative Social Media Platform, 'Fed Up With Liberals,' Is The New Conservative Facebook, BUT With More Features

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

After much alpha testing and development, a brand new, free, Conservative social media platform called Fed Up With Liberals is finally open to the general public. The site is considered the Social Hub of Conservatism, with everything from news to forums and even instant messaging and chatrooms covered under one single umbrella.

It was created as a response to the Liberal censorship that is in lock-step across every social media platform, from Reddit to Facebook. Fed Up With Liberals has a chatroom, forums, instant messaging in the same style as Facebook, and even the ability to make Facebook-style Groups. 

Plus, Facebook-style personal profiles allow for individuals to connect with and friend each other and post statuses.

The front page is reminiscent of Whatfinger News, with the latest breaking news articles, trending video, a "dank meme stash" and what's buzzing around the site. There is also a full-featured news hub with pages dedicated to the biggest conservative YouTube pages in addition to a breaking news feed.

All in all, Fed Up With Liberals is the mac daddy of all social media sites. It has everything you love about every major platform and it's as if Facebook, Discord, Reddit, and Whatfinger News all had a baby. And, best of all, it's Conservative, so Conservatives don't have to worry about being censored for expressing their views. I'll see you on there!

Below are some screenshots:

The individual profiles look JUST LIKE Facebook's and allows users to share updates, statuses and more, in addition to friending and connecting with other people:

The group function is just like Facebook's, making for an easy transition between the platforms:

The Forum section is quite expansive and allows for a lot of what other forums offer:

The YouTube video feeds look amazing and make it easy to view all the different videos by a lot of major news organizations:


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