ANALYSIS: Corporations made TRILLIONS On Coronavirus, Lockdowns, While The Lower Class WENT BROKE

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

It's truly strange and abnormal times we live in when wearing face masks, being locked in our homes, and being told our jobs and family members don't matter (even though, somehow, few, if any, government employees seemed to have been given the shaft) is dubbed "normal." But what's stranger still, is the belief a virus caused any of this.

Open any news site and you see headlines like "Unemployment All-Time High Due To COVID" or "Businesses Furloughed Due To COVID" etc. etc. But this is grossly untrue. A virus didn't shut down your business, your state and local government did that. A virus didn't make you unemployed, your state and local government did that. A virus didn't cause mask shortages, the FDA did that. Everywhere you turn, there's a massive cover-up for government mistakes before your very eyes.

Well... almost everywhere... We here at The Daily Fodder covered the amazingly draconian destruction of society quite well... But anyways... I'm digressing.

You're here because CORPORATIONS MADE BILLIONS ON YOU and TRILLIONS on the Coronavirus and Lockdowns. So here is the proof:

Let's start with that so-called "CARES Act" which passed the House and Senate: over 600 BILLION DOLLARS of our taxes, portions from our very salaries, went straight to large corporations.

Don't believe me? Here's the hard numbers.

According to President Trump:
  • 500 BILLION DOLLARS went straight to "hard-hit industries" without "corporate stock buybacks." 

  • Further, 27 BILLION DOLLARS went straight to the "development of vaccines, therapies, and other public health response efforts."

  • Additionally, 100 BILLION DOLLARS went "to support our heroic doctors, nurses, and hospitals."
Corporate profiteering from Coronavirus thus far: 627 BILLION DOLLARS

But it gets worse... This was only the first round of stimulus checks (e.g. reappropriation of your salary) for Corporations. We've already had 3 more of these with another one in the works...

According to the text of the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2020, 3.1 BILLION DOLLARS is appropriated to "the development of necessary countermeasures and vaccines, prioritizing platform-based technologies with U.S.-based manufacturing capabilities, and the purchase of vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, necessary medical supplies, medical surge capacity, and related administrative activities"

Corporate profiteering from Coronavirus thus far: 630 BILLION DOLLARS

But as if the first CARES Act didn't give large corporations and the pharmaceutical industry enough money, it had to be sent into overdrive with the Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act. This bill EXPANDED and INCREASED bailouts across the board, with, once again, most of the money going to Corporations.

According to President Trump:
  • 75 BILLION DOLLARS to "reimburse hospitals and healthcare providers."

  • 25 BILLION DOLLARS for "expanding testing capabilities" (which mostly go straight to test makers and pharmaceutical companies).
Corporate profiteering from Coronavirus thus far: 730 BILLION DOLLARS

If you aren't completely miffed yet, it gets even worse. In the so-called "Families First Coronavirus Response" act, Most of the 8.3-Billion-Dollar act went to everyone BUT families. In fact:
  • 1 BILLION DOLLARS went to "pay the claims of providers for reimbursement."
Corporate profiteering from Coronavirus thus far: 731 BILLION DOLLARS

But the racket doesn't even end there. This is just CONGRESSIONALLY APPROPRIATED funds. The Federal Reserve alone injected TRILLIONS into corporations. All of which went to everyone but actual workers:

According to their March press release, the Fed:
  • Purchased 500 BILLION DOLLARS in Treasury securities from corporations and banks

  • Purchased 200 BILLION DOLLARS in mortgage-backed securities
And According to their April 9 press release the Fed:
  • Gave out 850 BILLION DOLLARS in loans to corporations
Corporate profiteering from Coronavirus thus far: 2.281 TRILLION DOLLARS

And there you have it. While 40% of the Lower Class is unemployed, and government is fast-tracking immigrants instead of hiring back American workers, Corporations robbed you blind by taking BILLIONS of your hard-earned money through stimulus appropriations and then took an additional TRILLION DOLLARS from the Fed. 


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