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I previously wrote about the UN's New World Order website and dropped a treasure trove of UN documents talking about the "progress" toward achieving the New World Order. Well, this article, as promised, exposes the IMF and UN plan to control 77 countries and force them under UN control as another step toward creating the New World Order and "new normal."

In a quiet whisper, the UN plans to take over 77 countries were reported by a lone article in Reuters. In an article titled "Debt relief plans for world's poor countries inch forward," the news agency writes:
Plans for debt relief for the world’s poorest countries inched forward on Thursday as private creditors laid out a blueprint for their involvement, though it received immediate criticism for not going far enough. 
The proposal shepherded by the Institute of International Finance (IIF) said creditors would grant debt breaks on a case-by-case and voluntary basis this year, after concluding a one-size-fits-all approach would have been “practically impossible.”

It was the culmination of work involving more than 100 top money managers after the Group of 20 economies had called on the private sector to match their recent Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI) to help 77 low-income countries. 
Isn't that a rosy way of putting it? What they conveniently leave out, as White & Case so aptly report, is that this IIF bailout is tied to the IMF and U.N. bailouts which would:
use the created fiscal space to increase social, health or economic spending in response to the crisis, with a monitoring system expected to be put in place by the IMF and World Bank
A little clarification on what a "monitoring system" entails is found on the IMF's own Fact Sheet concerning the Coronavirus bailouts:
Financial assistance under the RFI is provided in the form of outright purchases without the need for a full-fledged program or reviews. A member country requesting RFI assistance is required to cooperate with the IMF to make efforts to solve its balance of payments difficulties and to describe the general economic policies that it proposes to follow. Prior actions may be required where warranted. 
. . .
As under the RCF, in addition to the provision of emergency assistance under the RFI, the Fund may also provide technical assistance to build the country’s capacity to implement comprehensive macroeconomic policies. Areas of focus may include building statistical capacity and establishing and organizing fiscal, monetary, and exchange institutions to help build tax and government expenditure capacity, payment, credit, and foreign exchange operations.
So, right now, there is a concerted effort by the UN to buy out and institute New World Order controls on 77 countries. This plan includes setting up "institutions" that will control the importing, exporting, and complete macroeconomic policies of the 77 countries involved. Thus, they will be completely under UN control.

Now, some may be thinking this is the stuff of "conspiracy theories." I mean, how is there any proof that the IIF's fiscal policy is in any way tied to the IMF's? Well, that answer comes from a press release from the IIF's own website:
Following this week’s very productive discussion, the Paris Club and IIF have agreed to collaborate in support of the DSSI agreed by the G20 and the Paris Club; while noting the complexity of attaining debt service suspension in a short time frame, private creditor representatives expressed strong support for the initiative and are committed to explore how best to advance this initiative on comparable terms, upon the specific request of borrowing countries.
But perhaps the final nail in the coffin is that, in order for countries to use this money in the first place, they must have "approved" macroeconomic policies that the IMF requires. So, in order to get the money in the first place, they must submit to whichever globalist macroeconomic policies the UN likes. This is contained in the IMF's Coronavirus policy paper on page 6:
In addition to establishing that the COVID-19 pandemic is a QPHD, qualification of a CCRT-eligible member for CCRT relief requires that the Executive Board determine that: (i) the country is experiencing an exceptional balance of payments need arising from the spread of the QPHD and the country’s response to it, based on available information; and (ii) the macroeconomic policy framework put in place by the authorities to address the balance of payments needs created by the global pandemic, as outlined in a letter of intent, is appropriate.
Every inch of this bailout plan is to exert control over these 77 countries and incorporate them into the New World Order. It is designed to turn them into countries that are forced to be part of the coming fight to restructure the entire global governmental system and accept whatever policy the UN dictates from the top down. This plan includes having the U.N. come into their countries, set up shop, and proceed to run the country themselves.

The New World Order is on the move. The next article will expose the AI surveillance market's rapid expanse and funding tied to the G20 countries (UN major economic powerhouses) as a way of surveilling the entire world through AI. Stay tuned.


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