BREAKING NEWS: CNN Just Illegally Leaked Defense Department Secrets In New Anti-Donald Trump Smear Piece

Image credit: Gage Skidmore (CC-By-SA 2.0)
By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

A shameful article full of anonymous sources just popped up on CNN recently, broadcasting to the whole world how our entire intelligence and security protocols work in the Middle East. In it they mentioned the detailed process of how we detect, secure, and protect against incoming missiles. They left no stone unturned telling us how it is all done. But not only did the article do all of this, but it also took the time to make it look like it's all Trump's fault Iran attacked us and that President Trump is an incompetent leader because he can't control the secret, anonymous leaks that are happening at all echelons of his departments, from nobodies with nameless careers to top department officials who are energized by the crazed Adam Schiffs and anti-Semitic Ilhan Omars and Louis Farrakhans of the Democrat Party.

The article mentions the "basement Situation Room," letting Iran know that is where the President conducts his business under emergencies. It mentions how we received a "tip from the Iraqi government," revealing how we receive our intel in the region. It tells of how our satellites and aircraft intercepted Iranian communications. They even listed off the bases we thought were threats, revealing yet a second base that Iran may not have even known existed. All things that, if you're fighting a war, you would never want your enemy to know in a million years.

But I suppose none of that matters as long as "orange man" is in office. I mean, why not broadcast to the world precisely how our entire protocol and detection systems work? Why not tell the world whom our information sources are and where we house our troops and how we respond to attacks? Why don't we just mail Iran our entire military strategy for the region while we're at it? Clearly all destroying our entire national security apparatus in the Middle East matters much less than taking pot shots at "orange man."

And Democrats wonder why President Trump kept the assassination of an Iranian terrorist under lock-and-key. As the brilliant writers over at American Thinker wrote "Adam Schiff would have excused himself mid-briefing to leak to CNN." Well, CNN got their leak, they just got it post-mission, instead.

With all this talk of violating the Geneva Convention when President Trump stated we could blow Iranian statues to smithereens if they killed more people, one must think: what, exactly is the value of a human life these days? While Iran is planning the next car bombing or mall massacre that will slaughter actual people, suddenly everyone is keenly aware of how the Geneva Convention protects artifacts and statues, simply because President Trump threatened to attack spots that will not kill a non-military soul. I guess people now matter less than marble and canvas. Gee. Who knew?


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