The Mainstream Media Is Now Playing Damage Control For Joe Biden After Admitting Their Impeachment Sham Is A Failure

Image credit: Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Now that Democrats and the media have failed to sell the American public on impeachment, they are onto making sure Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi look like superstars. And they have also officially admitted impeachment was a failure.

In an article by The Associated Press, the Impeachment Vote is now called a "highly partisan" effort. In the article, they state the Democrats' impeachment vote is more partisan than the Republican one to impeach Bill Clinton. Citing one of the Republicans who voted against impeaching Clinton, The Associated Press makes the case that, rather than impeachment resting on the "merits" of the evidence or any such nonsense they argued previously, impeachment is now a solely partisan affair.

Of course, conservatives already knew this, we have been maintaining from the start, as the Associated Press begrudgingly admitted to the general public at the end of November, even the star witnesses couldn't tie the aid to the investigation. We have been maintaining from the start that the investigation is not any different than what President Obama did in 2016, which Democrats were just peachy with. But now the Left is finally admitting the impeachment articles and vote are both partisan.

As I've noticed in all this impeachment talk, Joe Biden and George Soros are practically unmentioned. Everything is over either defending President Trump or attacking him. Democrats will make a claim, the media will repeat it for hours on end, and then the conservative media will debunk it for hours on end. Meanwhile Joe Biden, George Soros, and the Democrat Party get off scot-free and nobody mentions all the colluding they have done with Ukraine in the 2016 election.

At least the American people are waking up to it, as poll after poll has been showing President Trump is now winning with key demographics. Three separate polls have placed President Trump at around 33% of the black vote, meaning one out of three Black likely voters will vote for him in 2020. Further, President Trump has a larger latino vote than many past Presidents. It's clear impeachment has shot Democrats in the foot.

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