RISKY: Jerry Nadler's Latest Announcement On His Failing Impeachment Inquiry Is A Scheme To Cover Up This Shocking New Report

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

As if everyone isn't tired enough of the impeachment treasure hunt repeating itself like a broken record, many of us were wondering why another televised pseudo-debate was not yet scheduled after Nancy Pelosi, in a speech that sounded like the ramblings of a psychiatric ward patient, essentially told Democrats to go ahead and write the Articles of Impeachment. Now we know why. Inspector General Horowitz's much expected tell-all report is due to release on Monday, and House Democrats want to make sure it gets as little press coverage as humanly possible.

With reports of the new scheduled showtime for Impeachapalooza 2: Gavel Road for Monday, Washington, D.C. was flush with emotions to learn it just so "happened" to be on the same date as when Horowitz will drop his tell-all. Of course, for many, the very fact the report will be dropped on Monday is news enough, as no major news outlet would even be bothered to cover the drop date with more than a fringe article buried deep in the recesses of their website, let alone even provide a smidge of decent contextual background into what it is or what it will say, other than to bring up incessant, false leaks about it, of course.

We already likely know what the Articles of Impeachment will surround, based on what little we could gain from Nancy Pelosi's delusion-esque ramblings yesterday. It will likely be over alleged and completely debunked charges of abuses of power for political gain, charges which have been rejected by reputable constitutional scholars. Other possible charges could be based on the Quid Pro Quo Hoax invented by Adam Schiff that doesn't follow what actually happened or even remotely align with the call transcripts.

Of course, nobody is talking about George Soros' hands in all of this, as two of the impeachment "scholars" present had close ties to him, and Soros has also previously donated to Nadler. Considering Soros was running point in Ukraine through the Obama Administration when the Burisma and Joe Biden Investigations were going on, the fact there isn't a single peep about the man at all is quite unusual, especially for the conservative press.

At any rate, Pesident Trump's approval rating is now positive amid all this supposedly career-ending "evidence," evidence based on hearsay and second-and-third-hand accounts of events, from witnesses who cannot even name a single crime President Trump has committed. At least there's that. But, of course, nobody is talking about this either.

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