NEW: Nancy Pelosi's Career Is In Serious Trouble As Voters Do Not Buy Her Failing Impeachment Attack On Donald Trump

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

The polls are in, and Democrats are losing everywhere. The more they try to impeach President Trump, the more the public approves of him. Perhaps this has something to do with making up hoaxes that the media then repeats like a mockingbird? Whatever the reason, the Democrat Impeachment Campaign is the best PR for President Trump he could have ever asked for. The harder they push, the higher his approval rating climbs.

So when Democrats finally released their Articles Of Impeachment based on two completely debunked hoaxes, it wasn't surprising that President Trump's approval rating only improved among likely voters in 2020. On Tuesday it was 50% and today it's 51%. But that isn't the only story here. It appears Democrats have completely destroyed any momentum they had over impeaching President Trump. According to a Firehouse Strategies/Øptimus survey of likely voters, support for impeachment has dropped in swing states, which Democrats need if they plan on Beating President Trump is 2020.

However, in these same swing states, President Trump is now beating every major Democrat candidate. And this isn't the first poll stating this, either. In November, the Left-leaning Emerson Polling said the same opinion existed among national voters. In fact, their poll showed President Trump with a positive approval rating and Democrat support for impeachment dwindling. So Nancy Pelosi and Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot with impeachment. The more they hammer it, the more they are converting voters into Trump supporters.

Of course, this has also had a profoundly negative influence on Nancy Pelosi's approval rating. The most recent YouGov poll found almost half of voters dislike Pelosi, and only 38% approve of her job in office. If the Democrat Impeachment Campaign is as publicly accepted as the mainstream media is reporting, then wouldn't her approval rating have risen substantially over this period of time? Obviously it hasn't, in fact it's declined slightly, so impeachment just isn't something voters respect or want.

I propose renaming the Impeachment Inquiry to the Inquiry To Re-Elect President Trump In 2020, because that's what it's doing. Therefore President Trump should hope Democrats continue to do it and draw out the process for as long as possible so that he can continue to profit from their hoaxes and lies and walk into the White House in 2020 without having to campaign too hard for it.

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