BREAKING NEWS: Wikipedia Bans Pro-Donald Trump Sources Breitbart, The Epoch Times, From Being Used As Sources On Their Website

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Wikipedia has just depricated The Epoch Times as a source on the crowd-written website. The ban on the factual paper that exposed China's organ harvesting and wrote about the Chinese infiltration of Hollywood and importation of fentanyl through the Mexican border when nobody else was talking about it is the latest in a series of censorship moves by Silicon Valley executives to silence opinions they don't agree with. This also comes at a time when George Soros is donating millions to Wikimedia Foundation, the owners of Wikipedia.

Also on the list of depricated sites is Breitbart News, The Gateway Pundit, The Daily Caller, and LifeSiteNews, all extremely popular conservative news outlets  Notably, Christian news outlet WND is also depricated on Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, depricated sources are considered "highly questionable sources that editors are discouraged from citing in articles."

For many who have been arguing Wikipedia's liberal bias, this is all the evidence they need. Some of the most popular conservative news outlets have officially been depricated from the site, meanwhile The Associated Press, Reuters, Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC, which have all pushed the Russia Collusion Hoax and Quid Pro Quo Hoax, among others, are free to use.

The liberal bias of Wikipedia has prompted many groups to come together and make new versions of the free encyclopedia. Infogalactic is one of the most prominent and accurate, with much more stringent guidelines for what is considered real vs. fake reporting. It is also known for accurately covering the Russia Collusion Hoax, which Wikipedia still peddles as fact.

Another accurate alternative to the liberal encyclopedia is Conservapedia, one of the oldest and largest alternatives to Wikipedia. It was founded over the liberal bias of the encyclopedia and seeks to defend and preserve conservatism and truth. It is a Christian Conservative encyclopedia run mostly by conservative Christians.

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