BREAKING: Media Covering Up Nancy Pelosi Caving To Donald Trump On Trade, Drug Prices, Taxes, Instead Covering Her Impeachment Failure

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

While the media is focusing on The Impeachment Sham that was 2 1/2 years in the making, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have been passing a lot of conservative and Trump policies in the House, many of which President Trump had been pushing for. But you wouldn't know it the way the news has been covering Impeachapalooza non-stop and focusing solely on the impeachment vote. So I have compiled the most recent Democrat caves to President Trump that are about to hit the Senate.

First off, Nancy Pelosi finally caved on USMCA, one of President Trump's major talking points in 2016. This victory for President Trump, and Americans as a whole, comes conveniently around the writing of Articles of Impeachment. Originally, Pelosi decided to hold off the vote, but considering Canada and Mexico couldn't wait to pass it and millions of farmers were asking for it, she finally caved and gave President Trump the deal that added much needed fixes to our horrible trade policy.

Second off, House Democrats will hold a vote to lower our tax payments. I know, I'm just as shocked as you are. But, if this bill passes, it would allow you to deduct up to $20,000 on State and Local Taxes if you're a married couple and in 2020-2021 there will be no State and Local Tax deduction cap at all for anyone. You know Democrats are losing when they want to CUT your taxes. These were the same people who gave President Trump hell in a hand basket when he tried to pass taxes cuts in 2017.

Third off, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats put forward a bill that would help enact the drug price cuts President Trump argued for. Democrats have been trying to claim this victory as "their" promise, but President Trump has already been working on lowering drug pries since at least 2018, or over a year before this bill even came to the House floor. Regardless of your opinion on socialist price controls, it is great for President Trump's reelection efforts that Democrats are giving him yet another policy victory before the 2020 elections. He had been saying, through executive action, that Medicare and Medicaid should be negotiating drug prices, and now Democrats are following suit.

All of this happened this week, with much of the scant coverage coming out in the past few days. This signals Democrats know their policies are so out in left field that they actually need to enact some of President Trump's policies to seem fair and balanced to the American people on issues. Of course they don't really want the USMCA deal, as Democrats repeated numerous times they didn't like it for various reasons, they don't want to lower your taxes, as they fought President Trump left and right on lowering taxes, and they wouldn't even dare to lower prescription drug costs unless they can slip it under the radar during impeachment, but they are shooting themselves in the foot, because now President Trump can claim these successes amid Democrats trying to impeach him. This will make him look like a strong leader going into 2020 and help bolster his approval rating.

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