BREAKING: Judicial Watch Forces Barack Obama Deep State Justice Department Agents Into Court Over Their Missing Hillary Clinton Emails

Image credit: Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)

By John Paluska. Founder of The Daily Fodder

Judicial Watch is dragging Barack Obama Deep State holdovers in the Department of Justice into court over a failure to comply with a FOIA request surrounding Imran Awan and the Democrat server hacks. According to Judicial Watch's press release, The Department of Justice originally said they couldn't comply with the FOIA request because of technical difficulties. Later, in a phone call, they said the documents were unable to be handed over due to a federal judge.

In the phone call, the Department of Justice stated "the agency was waiting for some unspecified action by Judge [Tanya S.] Chutkan in some other matter so as to avoid having to produce records in this case." In a status report written by Judicial Watch, they reveal they were further told that, in violation of the U.S. Code, the Department of Justice was not allowed to hand over the documents because of the Judge Chutkan.

Imran Awan is the subject of much controversy surrounding the DNC server hacks in 2016 that Democrats and the Intelligence Community believe was done by Russia. But investigative reporting by The Daily Caller has alleged Imran Awan was downloading files from the DNC servers illegally as a Pakistani Agent. Awan and other members of his family were under investigation by the FBI for hacking the DNC servers in 2017.

Awan is speculated to have had access to Hillary Clinton's emails, a large number of which have disappeared and are reportedly on the CrowdStrike server in Ukraine, which the FBI had been denied access to. The server was also the center of the corruption investigation President Trump asked for from Zelenskyy in their phone conversation.

In response to Judicial Watch's successful court date, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stated "The Awan Brothers IT scandal implicates national security and involves a cover up by House Democrat leadership and, now, the Deep State DOJ." If Judicial Watch is successful, game-changing information regarding key questions surrounding the mysterious disappearance of thousands of Hillary Clinton emails could be brought to light.

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