BREAKING: Judicial Watch Dragging Hillary Clinton Lawyers To Court To Force Her To Testify About Her Missing Benghazi Emails

By John Paluska, founder of The Daily Fodder

After a series of victories, Judicial Watch just secured another with a court date over whether they can force Hillary Clinton and her top aid to answer questions under oath concerning the latest discoveries in the Benghazi email scandal. The questioning surrounds a series of irregularities concerning the deletion of thousands of emails.

Hillary Clinton's emails have been the center of much controversy, especially concerning CrowdStrike and the DNC server hacks. There is also the trending hashtag "ClintonBodyCount" on Twitter where millions of users assert Hillary Clinton had Jeffrey Epstein and other individuals murdered to cover her tracks.

Judicial Watch also recently dragged FBI Deep State officials into court over the Clinton emails and the Awan family, whom The Daily Caller reported are Pakistani Agents. In that court case, the Department of Justice argued their hands were tied by a judge preventing them from honoring a FOIA request Judicial Watch filed over documents surrounding the Pakistani family who worked for the Democrat Party for years.

This is all happening amid Attorney General William Barr's multiple criminal investigations into anti-Trump investigators at the FBI and Department of Justice who were running point on the Russia Collusion Hoax Investigation in 2016. In addition, Horowitz's recently-released FBI FOIA investigation report argued that the FBI acted both unconstitutionally and illegally while obtaining warrants to spy on Trump Campaign staffer Carter Page.

The court date is set for Thursday, December 19, 2019 at 10AM EST. Judge Royce C. Lamberth will be presiding over the Washington, D.C courtroom. If Judicial Watch wins, crucial information concerning Hillary Clinton's deleted emails and her procedures will be brought to light.

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  1. So Trump is the most powerful man in the world, but he can't stop Hillary? Can't stop her covering her tracks? Can't stop her killing people? Can't lock her up, like he promised? Sounds like Hillary is even more powerful than Trump.

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